Republicans will soon have a choice to make.

Realistically these are the only two candidates that have a chance of getting the GOP nomination in 2024 – Former President Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. We would be lucky to have either as President. 

Trump’s presidency put the country on the right track, in fact, a lot of the world as well, despite the most vicious propaganda assaults I’ve ever seen by the Democrats and the liberal media.  As a resident of Florida, I’ve seen firsthand the good work of Ron DeSantis, his guidance through Covid, and his successful fights for conservative values.  These are good men.

The good and the bad:


Trump has a genuine skill in wielding power and in dealing with people who have power.  Some examples include breakthroughs in communicating with Kim of North Korea, his rapport with Putin, and his bullying of NATO members into actually increasing their defense expenditures. He recognized the true threat of China and began to build a relationship with India.  Not everyone enjoyed his tone, but they saw immediately he was not a man to be trifled with.  As I have mentioned before, if Trump had been re-elected, there would be no war in Ukraine.

But President Trump has a problem. The liberal media has attacked him so brazenly, lied about him so convincingly, and they continue to tarnish him at every turn.  Truth or lies, it doesn’t matter, the propaganda has had its effect. 

Is it fair? No, of course not. But it will impact his reelection bid. His achievements and triumphs will be covered up, and the liberal media will emphasize the Democrat propaganda messages.

In short, there is a possibility he will not win.


DeSantis does not run his governorship by the polls. He recognizes that he was elected by the people and he trusts his own conservative principles.  He is decisive, he is determined and he is popular. And he focuses on the right things, perhaps even better than Trump did.

I believe a DeSantis nomination would easily win the Presidency in 2024. He is politically astute and careful enough with his speech that the liberal media will have little of substance to attack. He is head and shoulders more competent and popular than any candidate the Democrats can field.

So why do I hesitate? This is my logic. DeSantis is a relatively young guy, he has not wielded power for very long. He has not dealt with world leaders, CEOs of multibillion-dollar international companies, or people who have overt or subtle influences that impact the world.

Is he intelligent and talented enough to develop these skills? Certainly. And in his second term, he might even approach Trump’s skill level.  In fact, I have no doubt.

But would he have stopped the war in Ukraine? Would he have been able to pull North Korea into a conversation?  Probably not.


We take a risk in pushing Trump to be the nominee, the liberal media are loaded for bear. Never mind the voting system issues that cannot be discussed in the liberal social networks.  If he wins, America and the world will have the best possible leader.

If we elect Ron DeSantis, we have a capable and talented President and America will be better off.  He may even outperform Trump in straightening out education and managing our national debt. The risk is that he may falter in international affairs, an area where we need expertise the most.  Leaders around the world will show respect, but they may suspect they can manipulate him or out-negotiate him.  I hope I am wrong.

My prediction is that once the primaries begin in earnest, DeSantis will draw close to Trump in the polls. We will know by January 2024 who the ultimate nominee will be.  Will Trump’s legacy have staying power? Or will Democrats convince Republicans that they can make such an annoying mess that Trump is no longer worth fighting for?

As much as I love Trump, I’m thinking DeSantis will be the next President of the the United States.

SOURCE: https://punchingbagpost.com/trump-desantis/