For the past few years, Democrats and their media allies have been peddling fears of right-wing violence. 

The fearmongering and largely false speculation were not limited to individual acts of violence by political malcontents but inflated into a massive propaganda-driven conspiracy theory that democracy and the very existence of the Republic was on the verge of collapse in a wave of nationalistic violence to be carried out by the Republican Party. 

(I constantly shake my head in bewilderment at how anyone with an IQ higher than a hockey score could be so gullible and actually believe that nonsense.  It just shows the power of repetitious mendacious propaganda – and the corrupting role of the biased news media.)

This bogus political narrative gained traction after the Capitol Hill riot – which itself was pumped up from an organic riot into an insurrection and coup attempt.  Who said, “you cannot make this stuff up”?  They did.

To understand the magnitude of the Democrats’ conspiracy theory, we should first take a quick look at the record of political violence in America.  In my lifetime, there have been hundreds of riots and acts of political violence – from the 1960s’ “Days of Rage” to the most recent attacks on political figures on both sides of the political divide.

If you study them through the political lens, you will see that the VAST majority of the iconic urban riots involved the political left. —folks more closely associated with the Democratic Party.

Someone once said, “Republicans protest.  Democrats riot.”  There is a lot of truth to that.  One only needs to recall the days of Tea Party activism.  There were thousands of protests across the nation and in Washington – no violence … no injuries … no deaths … no arrests.  Compare that to the Weathermen Underground in the 1960s and Antifa more currently.

Then and now, we can see individual acts of violence.  Then we had the Oklahoma City bombers and the Unabomber on the right and left, respectively.  More contemporaneously, we had the shooting of Congresswoman Gabby Gifford … the mass shooting of Republican Congressmen practicing for the Congressional Baseball Game … the attack on a GOP gubernatorial candidate in New York … the attack on Speaker Pelosi’s husband … the beating of a DeSantis campaign worker …  the killing of a protestor in Charlottesville, the assassination of several police officers, etc., etc.  

Democrats and the media are promoting if not inciting political violence with their fearmongering.  Since January 1, 2021, they have been warning … predicting … and even falsely claiming the existence of right-wing political violence – actual violence.  But where is the evidence?  Where are the examples?

Let’s look at the cutting-edge of claims of right-wing violence – groups such as the Proud Boys and the Two-Percenters.  One can see them as a mix of evil racism … antisemitism … homophobia. One can reject their malignant form of nationalism.  But where do they fit on the scale of political violence?

Certainly, the extremist groups played a role in the violence on Capitol Hill.  There was rioting, for sure – and they appear to have played a role in the attack on the Capitol.  Their cases are currently being adjudicated – and justice will be had.

But the claims that even they were hell-bent on violently overthrowing the government by force and violence come up short.  They did not bring any weapons that would have been necessary to take control of the Capitol Building.  Yes, they used flag poles as weapons – but that suggests something more impromptu than planned.  Only one shooting took place – and that was a security guard killing a rioter.  Ironically, the warnings of possible violence on January 1, 2021, were largely ignored by all the folks who could have provided adequate control and security.

Apart from the Capitol Hill riot, virtually all the later warnings and claims of potential violence were pure speculation … fearmongering … empty warnings.   In fact, there was very little hard proof that any of the later warnings were justified by evidence and intelligence.  Consequently, all the fearmongering news reports went flatter than a fashion model’s chest.

You will recall how we were warned of a major outbreak of violence on the first anniversary of the Capitol Hill riot.  Remember the erection of all that fencing – and the calling up of the National Guard?

We were told that there “could be” outbreaks of violence in major cities across the nation.  On the day of the anniversary, a couple of hundred protestors arrived on the scene (with a permit), heard a few speeches … and peacefully left.  There were no … none … nada … protests or unrest anywhere to be found in other locations.

What is underreported and lost in the fog of political bias is the fact that the intelligence agencies said that while there was increased “chatter,” there was “no credible evidence” of planned violence.  That theory was the creation of Democrats and the media.

We have now seen the same propaganda scenario roll out again in 2022.   If the election did not go the way the so-called MAGA Republicans wanted, they were poised to take to the streets in violent protest.  There was a warning of violence at the polling places.  

Politicians, law enforcement officials, and left-wing political analysts were constantly being asked, “Are you expecting violence at the polling places?” … “or “What are you doing about the potential of political violence?” … or “Are you concerned about the (theoretical) rise in political violence on the right?”

The election is now over.  Trump and the MAGA crowd lost, big time.  There was no violence reported during the early voting period.  No violence as ballots were being counted. No violence as the supposedly violent crowd was going down in flames.  No violence as the dust settles on Election Day 2022.

That is because the Democrats’ entire house-of-cards conspiracy theory – from insurrection and coup attempts to pandemic existential political violence against democracy and the Republic – is based on a political invention.  It was a cynical and dangerous narrative that accused millions of great Americans of potentially heinous crimes against the Republic.  It might have had little impact were it not for a politically corrupt media that gave the propaganda an aura of legitimacy.  They dressed up phony political claims as factual news.

And they are at it again.  We are now being warned that if Trump gets indicted … put on trial … convicted … or incarcerated … right-wingers will be rioting in the streets.  Some even predict a civil war.  

In reflecting on this latest bogus conspiracy, do not forget how that same combo of Democrats and the media continued a false conspiracy about the Trump campaign conspiring with Russian meddling in the 2016 election – a conspiracy declared to be untrue by the two-year $35 million Mueller investigation.

Be calm. Folks.  There is no ongoing insurrection or effort to mount a coup against the government – and never was.  You have again been duped by the toxic combination of false Democrat political narratives and compliant corrupt news reporting.

Fool us once, shame on them.  Fool us twice, shame on us. Are you really going to let them fool you again?

So, there ‘tis.