Dems Used Mass Phone Surveillance To Target GOP Voters Who Complied With Lockdowns

Democrats and their state level parties across the United States contracted with a data firm that used COVID-19 messaging ahead of the 2020 election to identify Republican swing voters, who they found were more likely to comply with heavy handed messaging about government restrictions.

The firm, known as PredictWise, brags that it surveilled hundreds of millions of Americans through cell phones to assign what they called “COVID-19 decree violation scores,” which utilized billions of global positioning system (GPS) pings to get “real-time, ultra-granular” location patterns.

PredictWise said it used this data to determine if recipients were more or less likely to vote for a Democrat. Those who followed COVID-19 lockdown policies were less likely to vote Democrat.

The firm admits that Americans who were less compliant with stay-at-home lockdown mandates, or as they described, those who were “on the go more often than their neighbors,” were assigned a high COVID-19 decree violation score based on their highly sensitive personal cell phone data.

Respectively, lockdown-compliant citizens were designated a low COVID-19 decree violation score.

According to PredictWise’s white paper, several Democratic bodies across the U.S. used the knowledge they gained from their widespread surveillance for the 2020 election, effectively targeting over 350,000 lockdown-compliant GOP voters with specified pro-Democrat COVID-19 propaganda.

“PredictWise found that Republican non-movers’ (compliers) concern around Covid-19 and persuadability was almost as high as Democrats overall,” the data gurus explained, “and Republican non-movers over the age of 65 were more concerned about Covid-19 than Democrats.”

Among PredictWise’s high profile left wing clients are the Ohio Democratic Party, Ohio Senate Democrats, Florida Democrats, the South Carolina Democratic Party, the North Dakota Democratic Party, Future Majority, Fair Fight Action, and the Democratic National Committee.

PredictWise openly credits itself for contributing to Sen. Mark Kelly’s victory in Arizona in a white paper on their website.

“The Arizona Dems Coordinated Campaign in support of now U.S. Senator Mark Kelly was able to deploy this real-time location model to open up just over 40,000 persuasion targets that normally would have fallen off, allowing them to give the right message to the right voter at the right time,” PredictWise wrote in their white paper.

“Last election cycle, congressional, senate, and presidential committees used PredictWise through the DNC,” the firm explained, before noting that it “Super PACs” to push “same-day registration in key swing states of Wisconsin and Michigan.” PredictWise also credits themselves for “the only statewide red-to-blue flip in a Trump won state in Ohio (Brunner, Ohio Supreme Court).”

Elsewhere, PredictWise’s technology has been likened to the Chinese social credit score, and privacy-minded Americans have questioned how a nakedly partisan company was able determine COVID-19 compliance scores for millions of Americans without their knowledge.