Joe Biden Makes Stunning and Humiliating Admission About Inflation

President Joe Biden claimed Wednesday there is no guarantee the United States will be able to get rid of inflation over the next two years. Americans need answers during this most pressing period of our history, and it seems Biden is unable to assuage our genuine concerns. He and his party truly have no solutions — and America is feeling the pain.

Biden was asked about inflation, specifically in the African American community. Instead of offering a hopeful answer, Biden decided to admit the obvious: his policies may not stop the runaway inflation Americans have been dealing with throughout his administration.

“Well, a number of things.  First of all, un- — Black unemployment is almost cut in half under my administration just since I began.  More Black businesses have opened up — small businesses — than ever before.” Biden replied.

“We’re now in a situation where we’re providing, through the Small Business Administration, down payments for people buying homes, because most people accumulate wealth in the value of their home, most middle-class families like mine.  My dad bought a home, didn’t have — just scraped together to get a home.  By the time he was able to retire, he was — he had built up equity in a home.  That’s how most people do that.”

Biden then dealt directly with the inflation question, acknowledging he may be unable to solve the difficulties America faces in that regard.

“What I can’t do is I can’t guarantee that we’re going to be able to get rid of inflation, but I do think we can.”

Runaway Government spending will certainly do nothing to solve America’s genuine and most pressing problems. Neither will a culture of accountability and irresponsibility — both of which the Democrats have largely created. We need to return to a movement of fiscal conservatives, sending a message to the Democrats that the days of big government are over. Biden has to face the facts — the America people are unimpressed by his agenda and we deserve far better than him and his cronies.