Here in Florida, we had a Red Wave. Counties that have been blue for a long time are suddenly red, the Governor DeSantis won by about 20 points, Senator Rubio won by about 20 points, and we flipped several Congressional seats from Democrat to Republican.

Republicans will certainly control the House of Representatives when all is said and done. But not by as much as we had hoped. This will at least stop the spending carnage.

And it looks like control of the Senate will come down to Walker vs. Warnock in Georgia in a run off election in December. There is a certain confidence there, the Libertarian third party candidate took enough votes away to cause the runoff, and Libertarians are moooostly conservative.

But Florida’s red wave was not shared by the rest of the country. Admittedly Dr. Oz was not the best candidate for Pennsylvania, but based on Biden’s performance, inflation, the economy, the state of the world, we should have flipped some Congressional seats there. And in other places.

The Governors’ races are too close to call at the time of this writing, but no particular red wave there either. I guess New York was always wishful thinking, but Whitmer in Michigan should have bit the dust.

One commentator last night made the comment that perhaps our country has become “calcified” meaning that no matter what, the vast majority will vote for the party. I have to admit, I’m that way, at least for the moment.

But I see what is happening under Biden and it scares me. These people are idiots. The mismanagement, the corruption, the complete lack of understanding of how inflation works, the breathtaking incompetence in managing international affairs to the point where wars have started – I had just assumed that the rest of the country would also see that they are idiots.

It does appear that radical is the new normal, that Republicans as demons has carried forth from the media propaganda of the last decade. In my humble opinion, a large portion of America doesn’t realize how deep the problems go and the threats that are being mismanaged.

So Republicans will have to take a smaller win, and re-strategize for 2024.