Pence Responds to When Trump Said He Lacked Courage: ‘It Angered Me’

Former Vice President Mike Pence talked about when he was filled with rage on January 6, 2021 when then-President Trump accused him of lacking courage.

Pence had an interview with ABC News World News Tonight anchor David Muir that will air on Monday. Pence’s book “So Help Me God” is set to be released Tuesday.

“It angered me,” Pence said. “But I turned to my daughter, who was standing nearby, and I said, ‘It doesn’t take courage to break the law. It takes courage to uphold the law.’”

“I mean, the president’s words were reckless,” Pence continued. “It was clear he decided to be part of the problem.”

Pence and Trump spoke on the morning of January 6th when Pence informed Trump he didn’t think he had the power to decide which electoral votes would count, adding that he would issue a statement to that effect to Congress.

“You’ll go down as a wimp,” Trump said, according to Pence.  “If you do that, I made a big mistake five years ago! … You’re not protecting our country, you’re supposed to support and defend our country!”

“We both took an oath to support and defend the Constitution,” Pence claims he reminded Trump.