Republican Family Members NEARLY KILLED By Gunman After Dem Opponent Runs Campaign Ad Exposing Home

On October 18th, Republican Pat Harrigan, who is fighting for an open seat in the “famously” liberal 14th Congressional District in Hickory, North Carolina, had a home filled with his relatives shot at by a gunman.

According to the Daily Mail, the FBI have launched an investigation into the case after a bullet landed “just feet away from where the candidate’s children had been sleeping.”

“The congressional candidate’s daughters, aged 3 and 5, were asleep in the bedroom directly above the room where the shooting occurred,” the outlet added. “With the bullet coming from a densely wooded area behind the house, piercing a window but not waking the girls.”

Harrigan was not at the residence during the incident.

Critics are questioning where the public outrage is from Democrats, especially because many on the left have demonized Republicans for not calling out political violence in the wake of the Paul Pelosi assault last week.

Harrigan’s Democrat opponent Jeff Jackson had run an ad meant to fault the Republican’s gun manufacturing business. Not to mention score some cheap political points just ahead of midterms.

In the ad Jackson ran, the Democrat criticized Harrigan’s ownership of a “ritzy” home in a neighborhood outside the confines of the 14th Congressional District.

That ad has since been pulled due to public blowback and an “angry open letter” from Harrigan over its breach of privacy.

More from the Daily Mail:

The ad shows a man on a jet ski as a narrator tells listeners Harrigan ‘made a fortune’ off tragedies such as the Sandy Hook Shooting, and bought a lake house. It then shows an image of Harrigan’s home, which is not far from that of his parents. 

It was  released on the day of the shooting – and spurred an angry open letter from Harrigan to Jackson just a week later.

An investigation has been underway since, but cops and federal agents have failed to make an arrest. The shooting comes amid heightened concerns for the security of politicians ahead of next week’s Midterms, following Friday’s attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s 82-year-old husband at their San Francisco home.

So while the left continues to demonize “MAGA Republicans” for not being vocal enough about the assault of Paul Pelosi, stories like this give prudence to the double standard Democrats hold for themselves when it comes to political violence just ahead of the 2022 midterms.

Why isn’t this near-death experience making headline news?