As Border Chaos Rages, Biden Gives Fake Interviews And Fake Photoshop Smiles

There’s nothing of any substance

As the Southern border chaos explodes, Joe Biden did his first sit down interview in almost two months, yet it was with a celebrity and nothing he said was about policy.

Biden and his wife gave an interview to Drew Barrymore, an actress.

And what was gleaned from this probing exploration?

This nugget of grimness:

He can’t even remember the details of the lie anymore.

After the interview, Biden and his wife were snapped by the press. When the photo appeared on the Twitter account of a Democratic strategist, someone had photoshopped in a fake smile on Biden’s face.

As we highlighted yesterday, virtually everything Biden talks about is made up.

Here’s what happens when actual reporters attempt to ask Biden real questions:

Biden’s handlers scream at them and physically manhandle them to get them away from him.

This happens on a daily basis: