Biden Refuses To Call Jesus By Name During Christmas Address: ‘A Child Christians Believe To Be The Son Of God’

During Democrat President Joe Biden’s Christmas address, he refused to mention Jesus by name and instead referred to Jesus Christ as “a child Christians believe to be the son of God.”

“How silently, how silently, the wondrous Gift is given,” Biden began. “There is a certain stillness at the center of the Christmas story. A silent night when all the world goes quiet and all the glamour, all the noise, everything that divides us, everything that pits us against one another, everything — everything that seems so important but really isn’t, this all fades away in stillness of the winter’s evening.”

“And we look to the sky, to a lone star, shining brighter than all the rest, guiding us to the birth of a child — a child Christians believe to be the son of God; miraculously now, here among us on Earth, bringing hope, love and peace and joy to the world,” Biden added. “Yes, it’s a story that’s 2,000 years old, but it’s still very much alive today. Just look into the eyes of a child on Christmas morning, or listen to the laughter of a family together this holiday season after years — after years of being apart.”

President Biden has repeatedly claimed to be a “devout Catholic” while pushing for policies that go directly against the Catholic Church. For example, Biden’s stance on abortion and his claimed faith have been described by Pope Francis as “incoherent.”