Biden Tells People At LGBTQ Speech “Don’t Jump”

Why does Joe Biden always do this?

During a speech before the signing of legislation touting protections for same-sex and interracial marriage, Biden turned to people behind him and told them “don’t jump”.

So add LGBTQ activists to the list of people Biden has asked not to jump from balconies.

Biden has previously said the same to cancer patients, disabled people, children and paratroopers.

Someone tell the guy it’s not funny.

Elsewhere during the speech Biden had trouble giving ‘special thanks’ to a gay choir, not knowing what to call them and ending up on “Gay man’s married choir.”

Biden also stated that laws “targeting transgender children” need to be challenged. Presumably he meant laws to prohibit doctors placing them on puberty blockers and lopping off the genitals of kids who are confused.

Biden’s Press Secretary also claimed that “there are extremist conservatives who appear bent on taking away fundamental rights, including marriage equality.”

There was no mention of the drag queen who Biden invited to the White House for the “Respect for Marriage Act” signing, who previously tweeted, “kids are out to sing and suck D!”

Also no mention of the cross dressing ‘they/them’ kleptomaniac individual he had to fire earlier in the week from the Department of Energy.