Biden’s Corrupt Agents Get Exposed Once And For All

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy claimed on FNC’s “One Nation” Saturday that he will call the 51 intelligence agents who signed a letter saying the Hunter Biden information constituted Russia cooperation to appear before Congress.

“We saw the discoveries emerging out of Twitter as Elon Musk was unmasking all the corruption that occurred as well as the denials which they testified about,” anchor Brian Kilmeade asked. “So you have another move you would like to make for yourself. Besides the fact that we would like to hear from former Twitter and also other entity executives, you have something else to say.”

McCarthy replied, “I do. What we’re discovering is heinous. They shouldn’t have Section 230, to begin with, but we must go further. What did Google and Facebook do because they became an extension of the Democrat Party and of the government?”

“Those 51 intelligence agents who signed a letter saying the Hunter Biden material was all false — was Russia connection — many of them had a security clearance,” he said. “We’ll bring them before the committee. I’m going to have them appear in court. What made them sign it? Why did they deceive the American people? Clapper or Brennan? Why did you utilize the notion that America could provide you with additional information for a political motive and lie to the American people?”