The Obiden Regime has provided too many excuses to keep track of regarding the state of the crippling inflation crisis that continues to take a heavy toll on hard-working Americans, especially as the winter season approaches and energy bills climb.

We the People demand the crazy talk be stopped and proper measures be instituted.

On Tuesday, the White House trotted the 80-year-old [resident] out in public to take a head-scratching victory lap over the latest news regarding the Consumer Price Index, a core inflation marker, which rose less than expected in November, at 0.2 percent, but continues to remain sky high overall.

At the news conference, Biden was asked by a reporter when he expects prices to begin to normalize.

Instead of throwing out words like “transitory” or “moderating,” the resident admitted at the end of the conference that:

[H]e doesn’t have a clue, sounding almost as if he’s completely lost control of the situation.

The Daily Caller tweeted a clip of Biden’s super-inspiring words of wisdom.

Reporter: ‘Can you say when you expect prices to get back to normal?’

Joe Biden: ‘I hope by the end of next year … but I can’t make that prediction.’

“Biden’s non-answer generated plenty of justifiable criticism.”

Nobody expected Biden to know precisely what will happen but having been cocked and loaded with a proper response would have been a plus.

One Twitter user wrote:

“He’s really on top of his game isn’t he?”–(sarc)

Another Twitter user wrote:

“So he admitted prices under his administration are not normal?”

Before his remarks about the future of inflation and where it will land, Biden said he believes the current numbers indicated:

[A] lot of good news on the horizon.

According to CNBC, Biden said:

We learned last month that the inflation rate came down, down more than experts expected.

In a world where inflation is rising in double digits in many major economies around the world, inflation is coming down in America.

Referencing the latest slightly-less-terrible CPI news on Tuesday morning, Biden took credit for the numbers, claiming:

[I]t’s part of his “economic plan.”

He added:

What is clear is my economic plan is working and we’re just getting started. My goal is simple: get prices under control without choking off economic growth; bring inflation down while keeping the labor market resilient; build an economy from the bottom up and the middle out; an economy with good jobs, good wages and for the long run, not a boom or bust economy.

Now, see, that wasn’t so difficult to parrot following the mind-numbing memorization the night before.

It’s fair to say that the U.S. economy under President Trump, in many aspects, was much better than Biden’s version. But even when setbacks came up under Trump, he would at least provide the sense of leadership Americans needed to hear during tough times.

Biden, who seems perpetually confused and can barely read a teleprompter, doesn’t have to provide the perfect answer when questioned on such matters.

Still, he should exhibit the same optimism and leadership that Trump did. That’s all anyone is asking.

Final thought: Rattlebrain Biden saying he doesn’t know when things will improve might be a shockingly unfortunate and honest assessment, but it’s not what the country needs to hear during these challenging times. Perhaps, however, these words are part of the Obiden Regime bringing down We the People and Our Constitutional Republic.