The current administration is the most disingenuous in history, with Joe Biden being completely full of shit and Kamala Harris being a total fraud. Just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean any of that changed, as the illegitimate prez and veep issued phony holiday greetings.

Let’s start with this forced video from Harris and second lady Doug Emhoff:

As you can see, Harris is on the verge of bursting into laughter as she word-salad explains that Christmas is a time to hang stockings, decorate the tree, and spend time with family. Who knew?

The biggest issue is when second lady Emhoff starts raving about eating Harris’ mother’s world famous chili relleno. Harris’ mom was Indian, but her signature dish is Mexican food? Wouldn’t it be Indian food, like chicken marsala or something? This is an obvious ploy to pander Hispanic voters.

Ad before anyone cries that I misgendered Doug Emhoff, Joe Biden frequently refers to him as the second lady or generally just a woman. If it’s good enough for Joe, it’s good enough for me.

Speaking of Joe, check out this completely staged Christmas Eve tweet from him and his elder care nurse:

Aint nothing in the picture that’s real besides the obvious peril of letting rickety Joe up on the ladder. Why in the hell would anyone let the guy who fell off his bike get up on a flimsy step-ladder. I would think the Secret Service would have the power to deny him using such a dangerous device.

The first most glaring issue with this shot is that the Biden’s want us to believe that they decorate their tree on Christmas Eve. Everyone else in the world gets the tree up right after Thanksgiving, but the Bidens wait until a day before Christmas.

Also, what’s with the bowl? Is Joe decorating the tree with salad? Perhaps a Kamala Harris world salad? That’s a weird touch, even for a guy who is exceedingly bizarre like Joe Biden.

It’s note-worthy that there aren’t any actual ornaments on that tree, just lights and a topper. Presumably, Jill’s bin full of Christmassy things is where the ornaments are going to come from, but there’s only one and it’s in her hand. The Biden’s Christmas tree only has one ornament and whatever the hell is in Joe’s bowl.

The easiest way to tell that this is a completely fake photo op is because they set the tree up right in front of a door. Who in their right mind puts a Christmas tree in front of a door? It’s insane. There’s plenty of space to put that thing anywhere else in the room.

If you are real, it’s not hard to come off as genuine, but Biden and Harris are phonies so everything they do is forced and fake.