Hillary Clinton Lies About Woman’s Death, Falsely Claims Ireland Abortion Ban Killed Her

Hillary Clinton exploited the death of a woman in Ireland a decade ago to promote killing babies in abortions — lying about her death and falsely claiming it was because of the abortion ban Ireland had at the time.

During a forum last night, Clinton slammed the Dobbs decision overturning Roe v. Wade as a “results-oriented outcome.”

Then, as Axios reports, “She mentioned Ireland’s now-reversed abortion ban that resulted in a woman with a wanted pregnancy dying because the hospital refused her an abortion when she began miscarrying, calling it ‘profoundly sad’ that similar situations will probably happen in this country.”

Clinton’s comments are totally false.

The former senator and first lady is referring to the death of Savita Halappanavar at Galway University Hospital in 2013, who abortion activists have exploited ever since to promote abortions. Halappanavar was an Indian woman who tragically died in Ireland from overwhelming infection.

Savita was 17 weeks pregnant when admitted to the University Hospital Galway on 21 October 2012. At that time a fetal heart beat was detected and doctors opted not to end the pregnancy by inducing labor but instead waited for her to deliver naturally. Her baby was born dead three days later on 24 October. Savita died from multi-organ failure from septic shock due to an E coli infection on 28 October, four days after her baby’s birth.

While abortion supporters claim Halappanavar died because she didn’t get an abortion, an official hospital investigation found that errors in her medical care resulted in her death.
The chief operating officer at the Galway Roscommon Hospital Group, Tony Canavan, acknowledged that there were lapses in the standards of care provided to Mrs Halappanavar and said that deficiencies identified during the inquest would be rectified by the hospital.

Leading obstetrician Peter Boylan outlined a number of deficiencies in her care, but stressed that none on its own was likely to have resulted in Mrs Halappanavar’s death.

The Health Service Executive (HSE) ultimately took disciplinary action against nine members of staff who treated her.

The action follows the setting-up of a panel, established by the local hospital group to determine what recommendations should be made in the light of Savita’s tragic death.  Some of the details have been kept private by a hospital spokesman, who said that there was a need to protect the confidentiality of the staff members involved, and providing too much information in terms of the disciplinary measures could lead to their being identified.

However, the measures undertaken are thought to include written warnings, with a requirement to undertake “pre-procedural” informal counseling with training and mentoring in some cases.  The aim of such counseling is to identify areas of care that need improvement and to determine how such improvement can come about.

Cora Sherlock, a prominent Irish attorney who thoroughly examined the Savita case, confirmed that the lack of an abortion played no role in her tragic death.

“Even though we have not been furnished with exact specifics, one fact is very clear today – once again, there is no suggestion that an abortion would have saved Savita’s life. The focus of the HSE disciplinary measure was on the care given by the staff in Galway, not on the lack of abortion legislation in Ireland,” she wrote at the time.

Sherlock continued: “Of course, this is in line with the three independent reports carried out following Savita’s death.  The official inquest, the HSE’s own Report, and the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) Report were all referred to Ireland’s Minister for Health.  None found that this tragic case was about the non-availability of abortion in Ireland. Instead, mismanagement surrounding Savita’s care was determined as the main cause of her tragic death.”

Clinton is also misleading people when it comes to women having miscarriages in the United States, as the current abortion bans in 15 states will absolutely not stop care. First, every single abortion ban specifically allows miscarriage care and treatment. Secondly, OGBYNs have confirmed that an abortion procedure is not what is used to care for women who have miscarried.

Hillary Clinton is clearly not concerned with the facts — it’s much easier for her to exploit a woman’s tragic death to promote abortion than to admit that abortions are not medically necessary for women in miscarriage situations.

SOURCE: https://www.lifenews.com/2022/12/01/hillary-clinton-lies-about-womans-death-falsely-claims-ireland-abortion-ban-killed-her/