Jill Biden Breaks Her Silence On Joe Biden Campaigning For President Again

First lady Jill Biden expressed some misgivings in the fall about her husband, 80-year-old Joe Biden, running for re-election again in 2024.

Now she’s changing her tune and she’s “all in” for a 2024 campaign, according to CNN.

Sources told CNN, “Jill Biden is the one more aware of how the last few years have affected Joe. We, collectively, as a country, all know the age issue, sure. But she’s the one who is consistently able to analyze it.”

Another source revealed, “She’s the one who thinks about every possible scenario that could play out for her family.”

Joe Biden, who is already the oldest person to become president in 2020, will be approaching the age of 82 at the time of the next presidential election in November of 2024. Private text messages from Hunter Biden showed multiple jokes to his therapist about his father suffering from dementia.

Despite these concerns, Biden says he’s running again in 2024.

However, Biden is receiving devastating news from numerous polls.

Politico and Morning Consult found that 64% of voters said Biden should stay out of the 2024 president race and not run again.

46% said he should “definitely not” run and 18% said he should “probably not” run.

According to the poll, more Americans say they are opposed to Joe Biden running again in 2024 than are opposed to former President Donald Trump doing the same.

The poll surveyed 2,005 U.S. adults. It reports a 2% margin of error.

Voters were asked separate questions about whether they believed Biden and Trump should run for re-election in 2024.

A majority of Americans opposed both candidacies, but more Americans said Biden should not run again.

SOURCE: https://www.breakingreports.org/archives/677120