Back in October Joe Biden bragged he spent, “a billion a trillion 700 million dollah a billion dollars” to fight inflation. Days later he claimed he spent, “a billion 200 trillion 200 billion dollars” on infrastructure. Having an apparent limitless source of money, Biden is now saying he’s spending millions, billions, and trillions of dollars in Africa.

At the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit on Wednesday, Joe Biden committed an awful lot of our money to Africa. Let’s see if we can add it all up:

“Investments of nearly $1.2 billion in Africa.”

“Working with Congress to invest $350 billion to facilitate almost a half a billion dollars in financing to make sure people across Africa can participate in the digital economy.”

“$8 billion in public and private finance to help South Africa replace coal-fire power plants.”

“Investing $370 million in new projects.”

“$100 million to increase the reliable clean energy for millions of people in sub-Saharan Africa.”

“$20 million to provide financing for fertilizer to help small holder farmers, particularly women famers.”

“$10 million to support small and medium sized enterprises to bring clean drinking water to communities all across the continent.”

“Selectively mobilize $600 billion in the next 5 years.”

“A deal worth $2 billion to build solar energy projects in Angola.”

“$600 million in high-speed communications cable.”

“Commit an additional $2.5 billion dollars across Africa in just the next 3 years.”

“Invest $500 million to build and maintain roads.”

That is a shitload of money. By my count, Biden has committed $965.3 billion to Africa. The question is, where is that money going to come from?

Biden mentioned that this money would come from the G-7 nations and the “NCC” whatever that is, but also mentioned, “The United States is committed to supporting every aspect, every aspect, of Africa’s inclusive growth.”

Much like NATO, the UN, and the WHO, it’s America who foots most of the bill and what that means is American taxpayers will finance this ridiculous endeavor.

Of course, Joe Biden, as the illegitimate president of the United States, doesn’t have the authority to waste nearly a trillion dollars in Africa. Congress is in control of the purse strings and I can’t imagine even the current democrat-majority would approve this reckless spending. Once Republicans take control of the House in January, there’s no way Biden gets his Africa money.

Then again, Mitch McConnell seems intent on helping the democrats pass a bloated wasteful budget, so maybe Joe’s $965.3 billion Africa money is included.

Our national debt sits at over $31 trillion and yet Biden and the democrats want to give another trillion, that we don’t have, to Africa. I have a certain level of debt with a mortgage and credit card bills and as such, I don’t go around giving huge sums of money people who don’t really like me. I don’t have the ability to print money out of thin air however, and it’s my money so I’m a bit more responsible with it.

Democrats on the other hand have no problem being irresponsible with other people’s money, and don’t give a shit about putting us all into debt.