Part of Joe Biden’s dementia has him thinking he can talk to dead people, like the recent conversation he had with a late Congresswoman or the chats he has with his departed son Beau. Part of his flawed character is that Joe lies and in his latest whopper, he spoke with his dead father and uncle.

Biden spoke to a group of veterans in Delaware on Friday and treated them to this clairvoyant bullshit:

“My dad, when I got elected vice president, he said, ‘Joey, Uncle Frank fought in the Battle of the Bulge.’ He was not feeling very well now — not because of the Battle of the Bulge, but he said, ‘and he won the Purple Heart and he never received it. He never got it. Do you think you could help him get it? We will surprise him,’” Biden started.

“So I got him the Purple Heart. He had won it in the Battle of the Bulge. And I remember he came over the house and I came out and he said, ‘Present it to him, okay?’ We had the family there,” Biden continued.

“I said, ‘Uncle Frank, you’ve won this and I wanted to —’ and he said, ‘I don’t want the damn thing.’ No, I’m serious, he said, ‘I don’t want it.’ I said, ‘What’s the matter, Uncle Frank? You earned it.’ He said, ‘Yeah, but the others died. The others died. I lived. I don’t want it,’” said Biden.

There is no record of Joe’s uncle Frank being awarded the Purple Heart, but that’s not why this story is a steaming pile of horse shit. Biden was elected vice president in 2008 and wasn’t sworn in until 2009. His uncle died in 1999, 10 years before Biden was vp, and his dad died in 2002. If he had this conversation, he was talking to ghosts.

This lie bears a striking resemblance to another doozy Joe likes to tell about a Navy Captain who refused a Silver Star medal for bravery because other service members had died.

Once again, Biden weaves a tale of bullshit to make himself relatable. When he’s talking to blacks, he was raised in the black community, and when he talks to Puerto Ricans, he was raised in the Puerto Rican community. Here, he was talking to veterans and didn’t think he could pull off claiming he served in the military, so he made up a lie about a family member who did.

It’s actually a little shocking that Joe doesn’t just say he served in the armed forces, because the liberal media never holds him accountable. Even though he dodged the Vietnam War draft with a fake medical deferment, he could claim to have been wounded in the Tet Offensive and nobody would call him out.

I don’t have a fancy-ass journalism degree, and I was able to fact-check Biden’s lie in a matter of seconds with a quick Google search. Why is it that members of the liberal media can’t do the same?