Liberal ‘Journalists’ Use VERY Similar Talking Points to Downplay Hunter Biden Censorship Bombshell

Left-wing so-called “journalists” responded to Friday’s bombshell internal file release showing Twitter executives deliberately censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story at the behest of the President’s campaign with weirdly consistent and specific talking points.

While Musk’s revelations were unwisely dumped on a Friday evening, (the old “Friday news dump”) no doubt most consumers of real news already know about the saga. Even as the mainstream liberal media largely ignores or dismisses the epic First Amendment violation.

In brief, the internal files revealed officials at Twitter actively censoring the Biden story prior to the 2020 election, doing so at the command of Joe Biden’s campaign staffers, and effectively swaying the outcome of a presidential election if polls on the matter are accurate.

An insurrection if ever there was one.

Musk opted to hand the files over to independent liberal journalist Matt Taibbi to cover the release of files showing internal communications of Twitter employees and lawmakers surrounding the censorship of the New York Post’s Hunter Biden laptop story in 2020.

(Another subplot here is the universal attack against Taibbi – who was once a darling of the left for his critical coverage of the Iraq War.)

It is an obvious and sensational scandal that should have social media executives and DNC officials placed under oath posthaste.

But if you thought the media would have a ‘come to Jesus’ reckoning with their own failures on this story, you’d be wrong.

In fact, having been accused of colluding with Big Tech to suppress the story, the media strangely opted to once again coordinate their response to downplay the scandal.

They didn’t respond to being caught red-handed.

Numerous verified Twitter users instead attacked Taibbi as having done “PR” work for the “richest” man in the world. Over and over again.

Believe it or not, there are countless more examples of the very same talking points on Twitter. Did these ‘journalists’ think it was impossible to search the tweets and pick up on the obviously coordinated attack?

It’s a pretty rich rebuttal coming from people who work in a field that almost literally does “PR” work for the Democrat Party.

I mean, if you really wanted to convince people you aren’t simply an arm of the DNC you wouldn’t immediately go out and harmonize your response in defense of said DNC.

It was such a blatant coordinated attack that left-leaning Mediaite called out the assault against Taibbi on their own site, going so far as to suggest the form used by the so-called journalists.

“Construct Tweet: [Say formerly respected or once great, etc.] Matt Taibbi [call it PR or comms or like that] for the [world’s richest man, the richest person in the world, so on]. Quote tweet thread. [hashtag optional],” they wrote.

It is an admittedly humorous observation.

For his part, Taibbi is handling the faux outrage impressively, suggesting he’ll be responding to the coordinated attack by looking into who is behind them.

“Looking forward to going through all the tweets complaining about ‘PR for the richest man on earth,’ and seeing how many of them have run stories for anonymous sources at the FBI, CIA, the Pentagon, White House, etc.,” he tweeted.

He can start by looking into the 51 senior intelligence officials who signed a letter prior to the 2020 election suggesting the Biden laptop story was ‘Russian disinformation.’

That fake news was also coordinated with the media, who ran it ad nauseam as an excuse not to cover the scandal.

While Musk’s internal file drop won’t stir the media back to being an honest disseminator of news and facts, it is drawing out all of the cockroaches and slime who essentially work for the administration and the DNC selling propaganda on a daily basis.

Perhaps the few remaining people on this planet who don’t think the media needs to be torn down and completely revamped in this country will finally see the light.