Among my research activities is watching the major cable news networks several hours a day – ugh!.  It may come as a surprise to readers that even as I get a good sampling of all of them, I watch FOX the least and MSNBC the most.

CNN leans left.  FOX leans right.  But any objective analysis would show that MSNBC is, without doubt, a propaganda vehicle for Democrats and a radical left-wing agenda – to the detriment of an informed public.  They are consumed with anti-Trump … anti-Republicans … anti-conservative stories throughout the day.  And it is not always what they report, but as much what they do NOT report.

Nowhere is their political bias more obvious than in their coverage of the border crisis – or lack thereof.   Even as the border crisis has grown to biblical proportions, MSNBC is yet to report on the growing problem.  I have not found a single segment devoted to the unfolding disaster that is occurring at the border.  Both CNN and FOX cover it almost daily.

People who rely exclusively on MSNBC for their news are woefully ill informed.  Not only are they exposed to only one spin on events, but they are also totally ignorant of the many major news events covered by CNN and FOX.

So, what is going on at the border?  To put it simply, the U.S. border is being overrun by an unprecedented number of illegal crossings.  One border official said it is no longer a crisis, but a catastrophe.  The recent surge has exhausted all available resources – the very ability of the border patrol to manage the crisis … ah … catastrophe.  

Border guards are working to the breaking point — and beyond.  To say facilities are overcrowded is an understatement.  The number of gotaways is growing exponentially.  The amount of drugs crossing the border is constantly increasing – as are criminal activities.  Border communities are under assault.  The number of non-Hispanics is growing.

Let us look at the gross numbers.  In 2019, we had 978,000 border crossers – excluding the gotaways.  Thanks to President Trump’s tighter border policies, the number dropped to 458,000 in 2020.  In 2022 almost 1000 migrants died it the border – including women and children.

Enter Biden.

In the face of denial on the left, most observers predicted a surge as soon as Biden took office.  He and the Democrats had communicated a more welcoming policy – even enticements.  Enforcement would be limited.  And the sanctuary city concept would be re-empowered.

What happened under Biden was even worse than his critics anticipated.  The 2021 number of illegal crossings rose to an astounding 1.7 million – four times the previous year. So far in 2022, the numbers have reached 2.8 million — and that is just “so far.”  

The current number of those arriving at the border is growing exponentially.  At times it is running to more than 1000 per hour.  And according to the experts, the worse is yet to come – when the Trump-era Title 42 Covid policy terminates.

In a recent day, migrants came from more than 20 non-Hispanic nations – just in case you thought all those crossings were impoverished women and children from a few south-of-the-border nations.  The vast majority of migrants are young single males – a class of people least likely to qualify for asylum and most responsible for crime, drug trafficking, human bondage, and sex trafficking.  The number of known criminals caught at the border has risen to thousands – and we should understand that the criminal class is more likely to be in the growing number of get-aways.

Not only are the facilities to process and house the masses overloaded, but the surge is also taking a toll on the Patrol who must deal with the dead migrants – especially the corpses of dead children and those abused, living or dead.

In a recent interview with border patrol wives illuminated the problem – how their husbands are changed, depressed.  As one wife put it, “They cannot get the images out of their minds.” Perhaps that is why a record number of border guards have committed suicide this year.

The tragedy that is happening at the border under Biden and Homeland Security Director Alejandro Mayorkas is unconscionable, inhumane, unconstitutional, and morally reprehensible.  And the problem is not only at the border.  It is metastasizing all over the country in crime rates with deadly results from murders, overdoses, and even accidents.  A significant portion of the rising crime rate is due to the Democrats’ open border policies. 

And yet, the left-wing media – such as MSNBC — ignores it all to spare the political reputations of Biden and Mayorkas.  They do not want the public to know who is responsible for the surge that is occurring at the border and impacting millions of innocent citizens all across the country.

Make no mistake. 

In this issue, Biden is clearly ignoring his constitutional responsibility to protect and defend America.  Whether that is a “high crime or misdemeanor” can be debated, but there is no question that Mayorkas must be replaced immediately – and not with a fungible toady. 

So, there ‘tis.