New documentary claims Pelosi blamed 2010 House loss on white men getting ‘in a mood’ over jobs

According to a new documentary called “Pelosi in the House,” the soon-to-be former speaker told then-President Barack Obama in 2010 that Democrats got crushed at the ballot box because of the “white male thing,” asserting that they “get in a mood” when they are unemployed.

“Hey, Mr. President, not a good night,” Pelosi allegedly told Obama by phone on Nov. 2, 2010, according to the documentary filmed by the speaker’s daughter Alexandra Pelosi. In the documentary, she chronicles Pelosi’s rise through Congress and her iron-fisted achievements, including passing the Affordable Care Act, according to Fox News.

Alexandra Pelosi is the youngest of Nancy and Paul Pelosi’s five children and a prolific filmmaker who has previously produced documentaries about the political rise of George W. Bush and homelessness in America.

Pelosi told Obama that Democrats shouldn’t consider their shellacking during the midterms as a referendum on healthcare reform. That was when she claimed that white men were just upset over high unemployment rates and that is why they lost.

“Our members have said they don’t regret their healthcare bill right across the board. Even if we never passed healthcare reform, we were still going to lose this election because of 9.5% unemployment. ‘Cause it wasn’t about that, it was about jobs,” Pelosi informed the president.

“The white male thing is just – that’s a dominant thing. When they don’t have a job, they get in a mood,” she stated. “And, um, so we’ll have to make some decisions in our caucus about how we go forward.”

Democrats were left flattened in 2010 by the worst midterm elections performance in over half a century. Republicans swept the elections, bolstered by the Tea Party movement, and gained the most seats since 1938 in the wake of ObamaCare passing.

Many political analysts credited the unpopularity of ObamaCare, a very bad economy, and the unkept promise of “shovel-ready jobs” that Obama pushed before the passage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, a stimulus package developed in response to the Great Recession. It was yet another leftist spending spree that did not resolve any problems and added to the massive debt of the nation.

Documentary footage emerged of Nancy Pelosi from January 6, 2021, which showed the then-speaker of the House saying she wished she could go to jail for punching former President Trump.

Being speaker makes you a target — a target of misinformation, a target of mockery, and sometimes a target of violence,” she states in the documentary. “This is not for the faint of heart.”

As for the widespread hatred of Nancy Pelosi, her daughter blames misogyny, conservatives, and social media for it. Many would disagree.

“It’s really sort of a sad reflection of where we’ve come. It’s what social media has done to this country. It’s really destroying the fabric of our culture. But these threats have been there for a long time because there’s a whole political-industrial complex that went and turned my last name into a curse word,” the younger Pelosi vented according to Fox News.

“They’ve been – the amount of misogyny that’s gone into this over the decades, that’s really something that’s hard to make peace with because if there – my mother’s always taught us public service is a noble calling. She believes that public service is a noble calling,” she added.

Pelosi will finally exit House Democratic leadership after decades of rule at the end of this year. She will hand the reins of power over to Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) but will still remain in the background to ensure the party does not melt down. She has been the driving force in the Democratic Party since 2003.