Obama shares anecdote: ‘Uncle Joe’ says ‘crazy stuff,’ should not be given ‘serious responsibilities’

Former President Barack Obama hit the campaign trail in Georgia in advance of the state’s Senate runoff election where his remarks about “Uncle Joe” and people who say “say crazy stuff” had Twitter buzzing with what some have interpreted to be a jab at President Joe Biden.

While stumping for Democrat Raphael Warnock in Atlanta where he riled up the crowd with his attacks on former NFL star Herschel Walker, the GOP candidate, Obama made a curious choice of names to make his point.

“In case you’re wondering, by the way, Mr. Walker decided he wanted to be a werewolf. Which is great. As far as I’m concerned, he can be anything he wants to be except for a United States senator,” Obama said to loud cheers from the audience. “Since the last time I was here, apparently, he also claimed that he used to let me beat him at basketball. But then he admitted that we never actually met. So I guess this was more of an imaginary whooping that I laid on him.”

“Now, listen, this would be funny if he weren’t running for Senate,” he added. “We all know some folks in our lives who we don’t wish them ill will. They say crazy stuff, we’re like, well, you know, Uncle Joe, you know what happened to him. You know. It’s okay. They’re part of the family. But you don’t give them serious responsibilities.”

Only Obama himself knows whether he took a swipe at his former underling but it wouldn’t be the first time he’s done so.

In remarks attributed to the former president relayed to Politico in 2020 by an unnamed Democrat, Obama reportedly said “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f**k things up.”

Twitter reacted to Obama’s “Uncle Joe” reference and whether it was a Freudian slip, deliberate, or simply a coincidence.

It is notable that Biden has yet to visit the Peach State to stump for Warnock himself.

SOURCE: https://americanwirenews.com/obama-shares-anecdote-uncle-joe-says-crazy-stuff-should-not-be-given-serious-responsibilities/