Pelosi filmed asking ‘Am I a b***h?’ after grilling Pence on COVID, Twitter can’t wait to respond

In a so-called “documentary” from daughter Alexandra Pelosi, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi asked a question many Americans have likely answered under their breath or in the privacy of their living room while watching the news or various political events — like the State of the Union.

“Am I a b*tch?” asked the 82-year-old Democrat, during a call with then-Vice President Mike Pence.

The question was part of a scene in a glowing film Alexandra is making of her mother, “Pelosi in the House,” according to footage reviewed by Politico Playbook — the film aired Tuesday night on HBO.

Talk about bias, Politico may have tipped its hand a bit while setting the scene:

“During an early 2020 congressional recess, in the heat of DONALD TRUMP’s bungled pandemic response, NANCY PELOSI listened from home as Vice President MIKE PENCE spoke on a coronavirus teleconference. The speaker did the laundry and tidied the bed as Pence spoke. Her husband, PAUL PELOSI, made food in the kitchen.”

It seems to be lost on the political news outlet that Pelosi, painted here as an industrious little housewife, appeared to be putting politics before the good of the nation at a time of crisis.

“What is the point of this call?” her daughter asked while filming the moment.

“They’re checking a box,” Pelosi responded, having the call muted.

Politico reported that after unmuting herself, Speaker Pelosi “sarcastically declared ‘this has been a useful exchange’ and went on to grill Pence on how the administration was tracking how the virus was spreading before signing off with a cheery ‘Happy Easter!’”

It was at this point that she asked her daughter, seemingly in a self-congratulatory manner, “Am I a b*tch?”

Bear in mind, the woman asking that question is the same woman seen here:

Suffice it to say, Alexandra is a fan of mom. In the clip below, she talks about how hard it is to catch her mother off guard, gushing, “She eats nails for breakfast!

Of course, the daughter doesn’t seem to grasp that she’s essentially advertising that the “documentary” is little more than staged moments and rehearsed lines, coupled with some bad acting.

On that note, when you’re a public figure of Nancy Pelosi’s stature and you ask such a question you can be assured that you will get a few answers, even if they’re not quite what you had in mind.

Here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story from Twitter: