Watch: Hunter Biden Confronted by White House Reporters About GOP Investigations, Elon Musk

Following Elon Musk’s release of the so-called “Twitter Files,” which seem to indicate government collusion with Big Tech to suppress information pertaining to Hunter Biden’s laptop, the son of the president dodged reporters seeking comment on what some have called the “laptop from hell.”

A newly released video shows Hunter Biden ignoring questions and walking away from a reporter during a White House awards event over the weekend.

The Sunday evening White House event was hosted by the Kennedy Center. Video appears to show a reporter asking Hunter Biden to comment on Elon Musk’s Friday release of the Twitter Files.  

Fox News noted  that “Hunter Biden smiled and turned his back” on reporters after he was asked what he expected “from the Republican Congress” when they take control of the House in January 2023.


The awkward moment was followed by Republicans announcing that they would soon release evidence that the Biden administration pressured Twitter to censor information that could have proved embarrassing or detrimental to the 2020 election.

The Twitter Files also seem to implicate the FBI for playing a role in suppressing information. A former Twitter executive, Yoel Roth, noted the FBI warned Twitter personnel on a weekly basis before the 2020 election about posting certain information.     

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg reported the FBI also contacted his platform, encouraging him to censor and be on “high alert” for “Russian propaganda” before the 2020 election.