AOC Flips out on Elise Stefanik as Dems Lose Their Minds Over Losing Power

Democrats are upset that they’re about to be tossed out of leadership in the House.

So it looks like they’re throwing tantrums at the folks who are going to be in leadership for the GOP, including the number three Republican, Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY). There’s a hit piece in the New York Times targeting her that’s going viral on the left. The aim seemed to be to try to sow division because they were angry at her support of President Donald Trump. They try to paint her movement from moderate to Trump supporter as some kind of denial of self. I’m not in her head, so I don’t know her thought process.

But what I do know is that many moved toward Trump when they had not supported him in the past, particularly after seeing the radical nature of the left over the past few years and seeing more sharply the dangers the left posed. The article fails to grasp that, and so misses out on understanding a good part of the electorate.

The article also claimed that she was pushing racist conspiracy theories because of ads she ran against illegal immigration and that said Democrats wanted to gain a liberal majority. Democrats ridiculously tried to blame Stefanik for the Buffalo mass shooting because of those ads. Stefanik denied that she had ever said anything racist, called the Democrats low for their take, and said that she was against mass amnesty.

But this is where Democrats and their liberal media sycophants are at now — that if you’re against illegal immigration, somehow that’s racist when the problem is the Democrats’ failure to properly apply the law.

The article was then followed by Democrats trying to amplify the attack on Stefanik.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) responded to the article with a juvenile jab on Stefanik. AOC often acts as though she’s the 15-year-old equivalent of a “Valley Girl” (just from New York, not California). But with a continual splash of “victim” in all she does. That’s a bit of a trip, considering she grew up in Westchester, the daughter of an architect.

Here’s her latest mean-girl tweet attack on Stefanik.

“What is it with people randomly blaming the mere existence of others for their own descent into embracing neo-nazism? Like girl you did that all on your own,” AOC whined. “Unless her suggestion here is she started endorsing great replacement theory because she couldn’t treat me like the help.”

Serious, “like girl,” what? Does anyone truly believe Stefanik is a neo-Nazi? AOC failed to lay out any evidence of how Stefanik was, but hey, why have evidence when you can just lie your head off? It isn’t Stefanik who’s the socialist, AOC.

But what’s funny is that AOC is so thirsty to involve herself in this supposed change of Stefanik’s. The article didn’t even say that AOC was responsible for the change, showing AOC didn’t bother to read it. All it says was that Stefanik was disturbed that AOC didn’t show her the respect that she thought she was due, without explaining what that supposedly references or relating it to the rest of the article about Stefanik’s move to the right. For all we know, that may mean that AOC was rude to her when she tried to say “hi.” Or it may have no validity at all since there’s no description of what it even references. It doesn’t even make any sense. Why would that make someone move to the right?

How twisted she is to think it’s all about how to “treat me like the help.” No, sometimes things may not have to do with you, AOC, the world doesn’t center around you. It’s childish and has no connection to reality. You and your other Democrats in Congress, as well as all the Republicans, are supposed to be serving all of us, you are supposed to work for us, not for yourselves, your own ambitions, or your childish tantrums. She also may do well to pay attention to her own constituents so she doesn’t continue to get shouted down by them at town halls.

But what the article and her comment reveal is the Democrats are going to continue down this tired-old path that has failed them in the past: everyone we don’t like and all our political opponents are neo-Nazis. If you follow the same path that failed you in the past, don’t expect a different result.

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