Biden Admin Bans Mt. Rushmore Firework Celebration For Insane Reason

The traditional fireworks display at Mt. Rushmore on the Fourth of July will not take place for the third consecutive year, with the decision attributed to President Joe Biden’s administration.

The National Parks Service denied a permit for an Independence Day celebration at the American landmark, citing that fireworks displays at Mount Rushmore are viewed by multiple Native American tribes as an adverse effect on the traditional cultural landscape.

Governor Kristi Noem took legal action after the Biden administration denied her request for a fireworks display in 2021, calling the Department of the Interior’s decision “arbitrary.” However, the Eighth Circuit of Appeals ruled that the objections were not relevant as the lawsuit was filed after the event had already passed and the government has the authority to reject fireworks permits at national memorials.

“Unfortunately, the Biden administration does not share South Dakota’s desire to celebrate America’s birthday at our Shrine of Democracy,” Noem wrote.

“It has arbitrarily and unlawfully denied our permit to hold the event this year, violating a memorandum of agreement that the state of South Dakota had with the Department of Interior.”

The decision to deny the permit has been met with criticism, with many considering it to be a disrespectful snub of a patriotic celebration.