Biden Baffles Twitter with ‘Neighborhood Phrase’

During his visit to a Kentucky bridge on Wednesday, President Biden made confusing comments, which is consistent with his past behavior.

On Wednesday, President Biden gave a speech near the Brent Spence Bridge to showcase the passage of infrastructure funding, which he credited to the importance of bipartisanship with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.

As he praised the value of American infrastructure, President Biden suddenly used a phrase from his “old neighborhood” that left many Twitter users puzzled.

“Our best days are ahead of us. And I mean this from the bottom of my heart. I’ve been doing this a long time, folks. Our best days are ahead of us. Are not behind us. I’ve long said. I mean, this. I have never, ever, ever been more optimistic about America’s prospects. And am today. Never. Never. I’ve traveled over 140 countries around the world. I was the paraphrase the phrase in my old neighborhood. The rest of the countries the world is not a patch in our jeans. If we do what we want to do, we need to do,” Biden said.

“In today’s episode of ‘what the hell did @JoeBiden’ say?” RedState columnist Buzz Patterson mocked.

“His old neighborhood really said this!” Kevin McMahon of Town Hall tweeted.

There have been several instances during public events where President Biden has made mistakes, stumbled, or behaved in a way that has raised doubts about his suitability for the office. In July, for example, he seemed to say that he “has” cancer, leading Fox News to clarify that he was actually referring to his past skin cancer removal. These incidents have caused some to question his fitness for the office.

In the closing of his speech, President Biden repeatedly expressed his optimism about America’s future and praised the country.

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