BOMBSHELL REPORT: Tucker Carlson Drops Bomb, Reveals Hunter Biden Used Classified Information In Foreign Business Deals

Disclaimer:  This article may contain the personal views and opinions of the author.

Miranda Devine, a journalist at the New York Post and author of the book Laptop From Hell: Hunter Biden, Big Tech, and the Dirty Secrets the President Tried to Hide, analyzed documents from the Hunter Biden laptop. 

In response to her story, Tucker Carlson of Fox News accused Hunter Biden of using classified information to profit from his business dealings in Ukraine. 

On his primetime show Tuesday night, Carlson discussed the Biden classified document story and wondered out loud whether the story is important or not. 

What makes the story important is what the Biden administration is trying to hide.

Carlson said, “The entire question of whether it’s a big deal or no big deal at all hangs on that question of what was in the documents?”

“Miranda Devine of the New York Post may have brought us a little closer to the answer,” he continued. “So she analyzed the documents that we do have the ones found on Hunter Biden’s laptop. And on that laptop, she found a remarkable email, an email the Justice Department has never shown to the public.”

“Despite this, the fact is agents had it for years, the documents that Miranda Devine found indicate that a Hunter Biden had classified information in his possession,” Carlson explained. 

“They almost certainly came from his father, the then vice president, and then he used that information to make piles of money for the Biden family while working at a fake job in Ukraine.”

“On April 13, 2014 Hunter Biden sent an email to his business partner at Burisma, Devin Archer,” Carlson continued.

“Now he sent this week before his father, the vice president flew to Ukraine to meet with Ukraine’s Prime Minister,” Carlson said. “In the email, Hunter Biden composed a detailed memo with nearly 2 dozen data points about the political and strategic situation on the ground in Ukraine.”

Carlson points out that the email Hunter Biden composed is nothing like anything else he has ever written, making it stand out. The Fox News host said,  “In fact, it sounds like something produced by the state department.”

Then he dropped the bombshell. “There’s no question that Hunter Biden used classified materials to assemble this email.” 

This is the story! Not that Biden had classified documents…what was done with the information to enrich the Biden family is the story! 

“Just two months before he wrote this, two months, in February of 2014, he’d been thrown out of the Navy for cocaine use,” Carlson pointed out. 

“He couldn’t even stay sober long enough to pass a scheduled drug test. He was completely out of control.”

Carlson said but we’re supposed to believe that “Crackhead Hunter Biden managed to sound like a seasoned Ukraine hand from Foggy Bottom, referring to Russia as ‘RU’ and all the rest.” 

This is the smoking gun…“And critically, he seemed to know for a fact the details of American diplomatic strategy in the region. The US will respond with even stronger sanctions. How did Crackhead Hunter Biden know that? Oh, come on.”

Will this story gain any attention in the mainstream media? It’s doubtful, but Tucker and podcast and radio show host Dan Bongino are both sounding the alarm on the real story behind these classified documents. 

Bongino has been talking about it all week, calling Joe Biden a foreign agent. 

He reminds us not to get lost in the details like the $50,000 monthly rent payment and the administration’s assertion that they’ve been cooperating with the search.