Books Claims Biden Refuses to Speak Freely Around His Secret Service Agents Because They’re White Southerners

According to a new book, President Joe Biden has stopped speaking freely in the presence of Secret Service agents tasked with protecting him because they are white Southerners.

Yes, really.

The sensational claim was made in The Fight of His Life: Inside Joe Biden’s White House by author Chris Whipple.

Whipple wrote that the Secret Service “is full of white ex-cops from the South who tend to be deeply conservative.”

Presumably, Biden is paranoid that agents will leak details of embarrassing things Biden has said to make him look bad.

“Wary of his own Secret Service agents, the president no longer spoke freely in their presence,” according to Whipple.

The book also details how Biden refused to believe that his German Shepherd dog Major bit a Secret Service agent, despite the dog having to be rehomed after a number of biting incidents.

“Look, the Secret Service are never up here. It didn’t happen,” Biden told a friend.

Biden has a history of making problematic remarks about white people.

While speaking at a White House summit in early 2015, Biden celebrated, “An unrelenting stream of immigration. Nonstop, nonstop.”

“Folks like me who are Caucasian, of European descent, for the first time in 2017 we’ll be an absolute minority in the United States of America. Absolute minority,” he added.

“Fewer than 50% of the people in America from then and on will be white European stock. That’s not a bad thing. That’s a source of our strength,” said Biden.

Despite openly admitting that white Americans were being targeted with replacement migration, in subsequent years Biden asserted that such claims were a dangerous conspiracy theory spread by violent extremists.