Sean Hannity has united liberals and conservatives on social media in a manner rarely seen these days. One of the star anchors on Fox News, Hannity is being slammed left and right – political pun intended – for denying election fraud by the Dominion machines in his court deposition.

Last week, the media widely reported on Sean Hannity’s deposition in the Dominion Voting Service’s $1.6 billion defamation lawsuit against Fox News. Hannity, in his sworn deposition, is reported to have said he didn’t believe for a second the allegations by the conservatives that Dominion voting machines were used to rig the 2020 presidential election. From his deposition, Hannity was cited saying, “I did not believe it for one second,” about the alleged Dominion voting machines fraud.

Since his statement of denial of election fraud by Dominion voting machines made news, Hannity has been pummeled on social media from both sides of the political divide. Conservatives who are convinced that Dominion machines have been involved in election fraud have declared Hannity a “Fraud” that needs to be boycotted.

Many conservatives jumped on the comments section to share that they already have stopped watching Hannity or will never watch his show again in the light of what they know about him now. Check out this Gettr link, here.

Some of President Trump’s key supporters and prominent allies also spoke up against Hannity. Mike Linddell was cited by leftist news outlet The Daily Beast calling Hannity “disgusting”:

“Sean Hannity is disgusting. He’s a terrible journalist that does not do his job or his diligence” when it comes to “election crime.”

Navy veteran and conservative journalist Jack Posobiec repeatedly posted on various social media accounts the question of why nobody is talking about Hannity’s alleged attempt to get a pardon for Hunter Biden from Trump. Posobiec wrote: “Are we just not going to talk about the texts where Hannity was urging Trump to pardon Hunter Biden? Ok.”

Expression of hatred for Hannity from the left was no less ardent. Liberal actor and producer Mark Ruffalo tweeted that Fox News and Sean Hannity knowingly sold “Trump’s big lie” to their viewers.

Democrat Jennifer Bennon called Hannity a “two-faced liar.” A number of liberals asked on social media whether Hannity should face legal repercussions for airing claims of election fraud while not personally believing them.

So far, there has been no public statement from President Trump on Hannity’s deposition.

SOURCE: https://punchingbagpost.com/hannity-earns-bipartisan-hate-for-deposition-on-election-machines/