Joe Biden was asked if he’s running in 2024 and he “pretended” that he didn’t know anything about the next presidential election. If the illegitimate president were mentally sharp or had a sense of humor, this could have been a joke, but his mind is gone. This is the latest example of the shocking lack of cognitive ability the White House occupier has.

Biden was in the U.S. Virgin Islands, vacationing at a billionaire’s beach-front mansion, rent free, when he was asked about his intentions in the 2024 presidential elections. This is from the White House transcript of questions asked after Biden left a restaurant in St. Croix last Friday:

A reporter tried to ask Biden if he was running in 2024 but he interrupted with, “How are you? Happy New Year.”

The reporter tried again, asking, “Have you talked to your family about running for reelection, sir?”

“There’s an election coming up?” Biden asked.

“Yeah,” replied he reporter.

“I didn’t know that,” said Biden.

Most of the liberal media is reporting that Biden was either joking or being coy, but let’s face it, the dude doesn’t have a great track record for knowing what the hell is going on. Clearly he is unaware of 2024, or even if he remembered to put on pants that morning.

The best case scenario is that Biden was being a passive aggressive dick to the reporter, which is certainly part of his nasty nature, but the smart money is on him being blissfully unaware of 2024, or anything else for that matter.

Another possibility is that Biden’s fantasy world and his dementia clashed. When asked the question, maybe Biden couldn’t remember if he was bullshitting the he’s the president or bullshitting that he’s a truck driver. Erring on the side of caution, he simply pretended he didn’t know what was going on.

To deflect from the obvious facts that Biden is unfit to serve and nobody in the democratic party wants him to run for reelection, Biden has said that he would talk with his family about 2024 over the holidays. Clearly he forgot about that, as he doesn’t even know there’s an election looming.

Democrats and the liberal media have bent over backwards to hide Biden’s senility and now it’s coming back to f*ck them over. There’s no way Joe Biden can run in 2024, but the longer he refuses to take his name out of the running, the worse it is for democrats seeking the nomination.

The 2024 election cycle starts right now. In the next couple of weeks, Republicans will start announcing their candidacies and will get all the press. On the other side, as long as Joe Biden pretends like he’s going to run again, potential democrat candidates are losing time to build momentum.

Maybe Biden’s handlers don’t want the people to see him a lame duck president, but with Republicans in control of the House now, his bullshit agenda is dead. Also, Joe was a lame duck from the moment he stole the White House. Nobody in the democratic party is willing to steal another election for the million-year-old president Alzheimers.