Kamala Harris may have ‘classified material sitting on her kitchen table,’ Texas GOP Congressman says

On “Fox News Sunday,” host Shannon Bream asked Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-Texas) about President Biden’s mishandling of classified documents and he wondered out loud if Vice President Kamala Harris might have “classified material sitting on her kitchen table” as well.

The issue was raised as more and more classified documents are being found that are connected to Biden’s term as vice president. One batch was found at an old Washington, D.C. think tank office from six years ago and several batches have been found at Biden’s Delaware home. Now, it is suspected that Attorney General Merrick Garland is providing cover for Biden, appointing a special counsel with a very “narrow authority” meant to protect the president as much as possible during the investigation.

“A lot of people are saying these are two different cases,” Bream stated, referring to the distinction that leftist media is drawing between documents found at former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence and those found at various locations connected to Biden. The Washington Post disingenuously contended that Trump’s documents were on a larger scale and that there is no evidence Biden or his team “endeavored to hide the documents from the Justice Department.” What they don’t address is that Trump had executive privilege as president, but Biden did not as vice president.

“So, are these two different cases?” Bream asked her guest Gonzales. “Should the two special counsels view them differently?”

“They should view them similarly,” Gonzales adamantly responded. “I think Biden has highlighted his incompetence for the world to see.”

The Texas congressman noted that he spent 20 years “as a naval cryptologist holding a top secret SCI clearance,” and worked “daily” with the National Security Agency. Evidently, that is why Bream was seeking his input on the matter.

“And what you see is a failure,” he bluntly stated, asserting that he wanted to “focus on the practicality” of the situation. “I want to know who knew what and when. Were sources and methods compromised? If they weren’t compromised — is the intelligence community, what are they doing to mitigate those?”

Then he brought up the subject of Harris and her ongoing incompetence when it comes to the border and a myriad of other issues.

“I am also concerned about the vice president,” he told Bream. “Vice President Harris hasn’t necessarily shown her level of competence as border czar, you know, has anyone checked to see if she has any classified material sitting on her kitchen table?”

“Well, there have been no allegations of that,” Bream responded. “But I’m sure everybody on their staff is thinking that through, knowing these cases have now captured national headlines — former president and current presidents, everybody’s probably doing a sweep of what they’ve got in their office.”

Both the current president and vice president are notorious forgaffes and missteps and critics feel it would not be surprising if classified documents showed up in connection to Harris and Gonzales’ point is valid.

One has to wonder why all these documents are being found just as Biden is set to announce he is running for reelection in 2024 and what role Harris will play in all of this if any.

Source: https://americanwirenews.com/kamala-harris-may-have-classified-material-sitting-on-her-kitchen-table-texas-gop-congressman-says/