Open revolt: Kevin McCarthy rejected again as House speaker

After an explosive closed-door Republican meeting, revealing deep divisions

(POLITICO) — Kevin McCarthy again failed to secure the votes for speaker in a highly unusual second ballot, as his dozen-plus detractors refused to relent in their push for fresh leadership atop the party.

This time, conservative hero Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) personally urged his colleagues to back McCarthy in a speech before the vote. Instead, 19 Republicans voted for Jordan on the floor — again sending GOP leaders scrambling.

It’s a stunning prolonged chaos on the first day of the new Congress. McCarthy and his allies will now attempt to quell the revolt, preparing members to take repeated votes as pressure mounts from their colleagues. It marked only the second time since the Civil War that a party needs multiple attempts to choose its leader on the House floor — with all business in the chamber, even the swearing-in of members, halted until a speaker is chosen.