President Joe Biden Finishes The Year By Pardoning Drug Dealers And A Convicted Murderer Who Shot Her Husband

President Joe Biden ended the year by pardoning six people, which includes a convicted murderer.

The Biden administration provided short biographies of each of the pardoned individuals on its “Clemency Recipient List.”

The White House pardoned Beverly Ann Ibn-Tamas, who was convicted of murder in the second degree. She shot her husband after claiming he was verbally and physically abusive.

Biden said, “America is a nation of laws and second chances, redemption, and rehabilitation.”

Biden pardoned Charlie Byrnes Jackson who pleaded guilty to one count of possession and sale of distilled spirits without tax stamps.

John Dix Nock III was pardoned despite pleading guilty after knowingly allowing individuals to manufacture marijuana plants at his property in exchange for rent.

Biden pardoned Gary Parks Davis who pleaded guilty to using a telephone to facilitate an unlawful cocaine transaction at age 22.

Edward Lincoln De Coito III was pardoned after pleading guilty to involvement in a marijuana trafficking conspiracy at age 23. He worked an illegal narcotic courier on “five or six occasions.”

Vincente Ray Flores was pardoned for using cocaine while in the U.S. Navy at age 19.