Report: Hunter lived at Wilmington, cut Chinese deals, while classified docs were in garage

Hunter Biden
Hunter Biden

The scandal that involves Joe Biden, unsecured classified government documents, and his keeping them in storage in a locked garage next to his collectible Corvette just gets deeper.

Now it’s been revealed that the already-scandal plagued Hunter Biden was living at the Wilmington, Delaware, home and was cutting deals with the Chinese while those documents were there.

According to a report from Breitbart, Hunter Biden lived there “while bagging millions linked to the highest levels of Chinese intelligence.”

The report elaborated, “While addicted to drugs, cavorting with prostitutes, and making deals with businessmen tied to the highest levels of Chinese intelligence, Hunter Biden lived in the house where Joe Biden stored classified documents. On a background-check application dated July 2018, Hunter Biden claimed that he paid $49,910 per month in rent and that his ‘current residence’ at that time was 1209 Barley Mill Road in Wilmington, Delaware, according to a document found on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop.”

The scandal has multiple levels. Not only were classified documents found unsecure in Joe Biden’s possession in his home, other classified documents were found in an office he formerly used at the Penn Biden Center, which was the recipient of millions in donations from Chinese during that time period.

Further, the documents were found months ago, before the 2022 election, but only publicly confirmed in recent days.

The situation also raises additional questions about the Biden family’s allegiance to Chinese interests, with some already publicly questioning whether that communist nation is influencing the American president because of money.

It was while Joe Biden was vice president that he traveled to China on Air Force Two, and took Hunter along with him. Hunter returned with a mega-million dollar business deal, among others, including one that set aside 10% for the “big guy,” identified as Joe Biden.

The Breitbart report noted Hunter Biden also used that Wilmington Address has his residence in a number of other forms.

Hunter said on various forms that he lived at the Wilmington address from 2017 to 2019, just after his father’s term as VP for Barack Obama.

“Given the discovery of the classified documents at multiple unsecure locations, the timeline of the Bidens’ Chinese business deals paints a troubling picture,” Breitbart reported.

“Beginning in late 2015, while his father was still vice president, Hunter Biden began making plans to meet with officials from the Chinese energy company CEFC. CEFC and at least four of its principals and associates, Ye Jianming, Patrick Ho, Gongwen Dong and Jiaqi Bao, have been linked to the Chinese government and its military intelligence apparatus. Hunter once described Patrick Ho as “the f—— spy chief of China.”

The report said observers consider CEFC as a state-directed entity.

The report explained from April 29017 to September 2018, CEFC and affiliates “funneled millions of dollars to the Bidens (mostly to Hunter, but some of that money flowed to Joe Biden’s brother and sister-in-law, James and Sara Biden). Joe Biden met with Hunter’s business partners during this time. All the while, top secret and sensitive compartmented information documents were just lying around in unsecured locations (such as the closet of the Penn Biden Center and the Wilmington garage), easily accessible by the Bidens and their associates.”