Let us first agree that lying in one’s resume is an awfully bad thing to do.  It rightfully calls into question the character of the individual.

New York Congressman-elect George Santos bas admitted that elements of his resume were not true.  We are not talking about an exaggeration here and there.  Santos had quite a few resume claims that have not borne scrutiny.  He claimed employment at Goldman Sachs and Citigroup.  According to the companies, there is no record of such employment.

Santos also listed claimed to have graduated from Baruch College and attended New York University.  Neither institution has records of his attendance.   And there were more.

Santos is getting a lot of media coverage for his fictional resume.  There are even calls for him to resign the seat in Congress upon which he has not yet sat.  He says he is not going to do that – so he has two years to repair any damage to his reputation with the voters.  But Democrat prosecutors are chaffing at the bit to investigate Santos.  

As I saw the various reports on Santos, I thought surely someone in the media would connect his misbehavior with similar examples in the past. But noooo.

I raise that question because I know of three very prominent examples of resume enhancing.  Is it because they are all Democrats beloved by the media?  You can answer that for yourself.

My three examples are … (drum roll here) … President Joe Biden, Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal, and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.


Some of you may recall that Biden repeatedly claimed that he was an honor-winning political science student.  He was not.  He also clamed he graduated in the top of law school class.  He was actually near the bottom.  He claimed to have won a full scholarship.  He was awarded a fairly small partial scholarship.

Biden is also the guy who pumped up is oratorical reputation through plagiarism.  When that was exposed, he was forced to withdraw from the 1988 presidential race.  (Yep!  Biden has been seeking the presidency since he entered the Senate at age 30.)

Senator Blumenthal

Senator Blumenthal padded his resume with combat experience in Vietnam. He made the claim in many speeches.  But … he never served in Vietnam.  When confronted with the truth, The Senator admitted that he had misrepresented his military career, claiming to have merely misspoken.  Sure, it is easy to forget that you did NOT serve in Vietnam … you were never in the country … never in any of those battles you spoke about.

I find Blumenthal’s lies particularly reprehensible because he was faking military action in which thousands of real American soldiers died – and he did it for selfish political benefit.  We have laws against such claims.  It is called “theft of valor.”  But he was never brought to justice.  He later said that he had a modest military experience latter on.  If I recall, I think he was in the military reserves


Most folks must remember Warren’s invention of Native American heritage – even to the point of claiming membership in the Cherokee and later Delaware Tribe.

The lie proved extremely helpful in her academic career.  She was even awarded a position at Yale University based on her minority status.  Yale proudly advertised her claim.

According to the Washington Post, Warren declared herself to be “American Indian” on her Texas Bar registration.

While the lie worked to her advantage throughout most of her academic and political career, it did not endure the bright spotlight of a presidential campaign.  The leaders of the Delaware Tribe demanded she stop claiming membership – because she was not a member.

For a long time, Warren refused to take a DNA test, and when she did – she claimed an unspecified distant ancestor as a Native American.  She would not allow peer review of that claim, but a later story said it was likely Mexican ancestry.  Warren’s fraudulent claim made it possible for candidate Donald Trump to effectively stick her with the nickname “Pocahontas.”


It is interesting that Democrats would go after a gay Republican.  (Santos is gay, if you did not know).  I brought this up because of the cases of Massachusetts Congressmen Gerry Studds who had a sexual relationship with an underage male page.  It was said to be consensual even though it is legally defined as statutory rape. Then there was Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank, whose male hooker lover was running a prostitution operation out of the Congressman’s apartment.  Both continued in Congress to the warm praise of their Democrat colleagues. 


If the Biden/Blumenthal/Warren whoppers did not end their political careers – far from it – Santos may be okay.  But then again, he is a Republican.

So, there ‘tis.