Back at their games.

The continued outcry from Democrats and their media allies about Republican incompetence during the 15 rounds of voting to secure Kevin McCarthy as the new Speaker of the House is not about government efficiency, but rather it is about setting the narrative that the Republicans and McCarthy are illegitimate and therefore anything they do or attempt to do is unjustified.

It is one of the Democrats’ oldest plays in the book; they undermine the GOP’s credibility by painting all Republicans with a broad brush.

They are insurrectionists and white supremacists; even the Black and Brown members of the GOP are, according to the smear campaign. They are MAGA and, therefore, election deniers, climate deniers, science deniers, and so on.

That is being put in play—and it began as soon as the mid-terms were over.

The Red Wave was not big enough, and the Republican margin of victory was not wide enough for Kevin McCarthy, or any of the Republicans, to be credible. The way Democrats see it, the GOP has no claim to running anything in Washington.

That is the master plan being echoed by the media partners of the Socialist Democrats. It is the card they will play when, just like the Democrats did in the last Congress, the GOP sends out subpoenas to see how far the Hunter Biden pay-to-play rabbit hole goes.

It will continue when the GOP asks about Joe Biden’s White House dictating to social media companies what to delete and whom to silence through blatant censorship.

It will happen when questions are asked about the Southern Border, the tracking of money sent to Ukraine, the discovery of classified documents in Joe Biden’s possession from when he was Vice President, and any other important questions that get asked.

Biden and his minions will scream that the Republicans are illegitimate because they didn’t win more seats, and Kevin McCarthy is illegitimate because he took 15 votes to secure the gavel.

That is all the left has, saying anything it can to discredit the conservatives, whether true or not—and as you know, most of it will not be.

Oh, and the biggest screams of Republican illegitimacy will come when Jim Jordan rolls out the select committee on the weaponization of government—like the FBI and the IRS, among others. Pair that with the emails that are about to come tumbling out of the bowels of Twitter thanks to Elon Musk, and you have a great scandal.

I hope we get a select committee on Covid, the vaccinations, and the government response, too—but that may have to wait a bit.

The President’s team will scream that it’s all fake, and the mainstream media will do its best to ignore everything and pretend it’s not happening and never did. But just like the southern border, you will reach critical mass at some point, and the dam will break. That dam could break anytime in the next few months.