Perhaps one of the only bright spots of the Biden Presidency has been the steady stream of gaffes and nonsensical claims from the White House. It’s like a free stand-up show every day. Just don’t think too hard about how this is the Leader of the Free World who’s also in possession of the nuclear codes, or else you’ll spiral into a deep depression from which you may never return. Small details aside, it’s hilarious!

Earlier today, totally mentally competent President Biden visited a dilapidated bridge in Kentucky alongside Republican Senator Mitch McConnell to highlight his infrastructure accomplishments. His administration has allotted nearly $1 trillion for roads and bridges, broadband networks, and water projects in a plan spearheaded by Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

While speaking in Kentucky, Biden referenced a “phrase from his old neighborhood” about patches on jeans:

Such a beautiful and inspiring statement from ol’ Scranton Joe.

At another point during his speech, Biden randomly began yelling about the recession “two years ago.”

It’s unclear what recession Biden is referring to since we’ve been assured by his administration that there is no recession. There has never been a definition of the term, recession. In fact, recessions actually don’t exist at all. Just like war is peace and freedom is slavery. It’s common sense, man!

And finally, Biden also took the opportunity today to lament the recent years of divisive politics:

He’s actually not wrong here. The past few years have been quite politically divisive. I mean, remember when Trump gave that speech from Hell about extremist Biden Democrats destroying the country?

Oh wait…

Okay, well, what about when Governor Ron DeSantis wanted to ban vaccinated individuals from polite society and called it a “pandemic of the vaxxed”? No, that didn’t happen either? Weird.

It’s almost like the division Biden referenced has come exclusively from one side. But that’s crazy talk!