WATCH: Donald Trump Lays Out Expert Plan To Counter FBI, Corporations Infringing On Your Freedom Of Speech

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Former President Donald Trump called for investigations into the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) this Wednesday, alleging they are working to create a “censorship regime.”

“The now-famous Twitter Files have proven beyond all doubt that the corrupt officials at the FBI have been coordinating a massive censorship, surveillance, and propaganda campaign against the American people and, frankly, against me,”  Trump said. “In the most recent and notorious example, the FBI worked to stop the truth from being told about the Biden family’s criminality. They worked so hard to stop it from coming out and the corruption prior to the 2020 election.”

“But the censorship of the ‘Laptop From Hell’ is only the beginning of the story about the weaponization of government against free speech. We must have free speech in our country,” Trump added.

“As recent reporting shows, the FBI and other rogue agencies have been systematically colluding with former national security officials placed in high positions at Twitter, and very likely other companies, to advance their censorship regime,” Trump remarked.

Trump also claimed the government was colluding with “powerful corporations to seize power over you, the American people.” He vowed he would not let that continue.

Trump then laid out a series of practical steps the new Republican Congress can take to counteract these growing threats, saying, “The new Congress should immediately hold hearings to investigate the role of the FBI and other federal agencies in censoring lawful speech. Congressional leaders should promptly issue subpoenas in furtherance of this goal.”

He also advocated for a “7-year cooling off period before any employee of these powerful agencies is allowed to take a job at a major platform. When I’m president, we will take back our freedoms, we will take back our country.”

Trump is taking action for the sake of the American people. An America without her freedom of speech is no America at all. Trump is standing up for our values and that is why the American people continue to love him and the policies he stands for.

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