Well Known Drunk Nancy Pelosi isn’t sure if Joe Biden’s classified documents scandal is ‘very serious

Nancy Pelosi made a point to say last year that the so-called classified documents found at Trump’s home were very serious.

Last night Chris Wallace asked Pelosi if she feels the same way about Joe Biden’s classified document scandal.


Pelosi claims that since she doesn’t know ‘the nature’ of Biden’s classified document, she doesn’t know if it’s ‘very serious’. Which is a garbage answer.

She knows very well that Biden having top secret classified documents laying around his house and in his garage is absolutely serious. She just doesn’t want to pile on because Biden is a Democrat president* and she doesn’t want to hurt him. Plus she’s a hack and a hypocrite, plain and simple.

Source: https://nworeport.me/2023/01/24/well-known-drunk-nancy-pelosi-isnt-sure-if-joe-bidens-classified-documents-scandal-is-very-serious/