White House offers a preview of Biden’s re-election message, and it contains some whoppers!

Believe it or not, America, we have reached the midway point in Joe Biden’s disastrous first term as President of the United States.

January 20th marks the second anniversary of the Big Guy’s inauguration, and the White House is celebrating by providing a sneak peek at Biden’s re-election message, should he survive the classified documents scandal, remember where he is, and decide to run again.

“White House Comms Director Kate Bedingfield is sending congressional Dems and other allies this ‘Cheat Sheet’ of the president’s accomplishments to tout,” reported Politico’s Playbook newsletter on Friday.

And, if you’ve just emerged from under a state-sponsored rock, you might just believe America is doing great under Biden’s watch.

“In the past two years, we saw significant economic growth as the President built the most significant legislative record since the Johnson Administration,” the White House boasted. “And due to the overwhelming popularity of the President’s economic agenda, the President had the best first midterm election results of any Democratic President in 60 years.”

Are you paying six bucks for a carton of eggs?

Well, you’re just silly if that upsets you.

According to the White House, Biden has made everything that matters more affordable.

“Costs are coming down on everything from cars to dishwashers, gas prices are down more than $1.60 compared to the previous year, and inflation is now at its lowest level since October of 2021,” they say. “Insulin is now capped at $35 per month for seniors and the President’s actions are saving 13 million families $800 per year on their health insurance premiums.”

Don’t pay attention to those who say the lower insulin prices are really just a shell game.

And if you think there’s a labor problem in this country, you’ve been hanging with Hunter too long.

Under President Biden “2021 and 2022 were the two strongest years of job growth in history,” according to Bedingfield.

And not all of that is because businesses were allowed to open their doors again after the government locked them down: “Nearly 11 million jobs have been created and 750,000 of them are manufacturing jobs.”

The White House is particularly proud of Biden’s presence on the global stage, where his leadership hasn’t in any way made us the world’s laughing stock.

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“President Biden restored our global alliances and rallied partners across the world to stand up to Russian aggression and support Ukraine,” the cheat sheet instructs the administration’s minions to say.

Because nothing says Captain America like sending billions of taxpayer dollars to what is arguably the most corrupt nation on the planet.

And what Democrat cheat sheet would be complete without a cheap shot that demonizes the opposition?

“As we move into the third year of the Biden Administration, the President will continue to fight every day to grow the economy from the bottom up and the middle out and give middle class families breathing room,” the White House said. “This is in contrast to MAGA Republicans in Congress who are creating chaos and proposing an extreme and divisive agenda.”

And, like the good Pavlovian dogs they are, the Democrats promptly busied themselves with regurgitating every word of the directive.

“This memo is meant to portray Biden’s record in the best light possible,” Fox News Digital reports. “Annual inflation remains at 6.5%, though down from a 40-year high of 9.1% in June. The federal debt has ballooned to $31.38 trillion from $27.6 trillion when Biden assumed office. And the president has an immigration crisis to contend with, a special counsel probe into his handling of classified documents, and a newly-empowered Republican House preparing to investigate his son Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings.”

Of course, there is some question as to whether Biden will shuffle his way through another face-off with former President Donald Trump.

As BizPac Review has reported, many think the discovery of classified materials next to Joe’s Corvette is the Deep State’s not-so-subtle way of suggesting that Biden should step aside and make way for a more youthful, more lucid Democratic candidate in 2024.

According to Fox News Digital, sources have said “that Biden will not make an announcement about the 2024 presidential race until after he delivers the State of the Union address next month.”

“Even so,” the outlet adds, “the messaging from the White House offers a glimpse into what will be themes of Biden’s address and talking points on the campaign trail.”

Source: https://americanwirenews.com/white-house-offers-a-preview-of-bidens-re-election-message-and-it-contains-some-whoppers/