The former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made a declaration on Monday to launch a Global Climate Resilience Fund.

The fund which aims to commit $50 million to tackle extreme weather conditions and safeguard women workers has been greeted with enthusiasm by hundreds of SEWA women who gathered from various regions of India at the salt pans near Kuda village in Dhrangadhra in Gujarat—on the west coast of the sub-continent near where India and Pakistan meet.

TPN’s own Collin Rugg joked that Clinton was beginning to look like George Soros.

He asked:

Is that George Soros?

And following are other reactions:

Click and watch the below clip for an additional glimpse of Clinton’s decline as well as here classic presentation of what must be described as a scam. Tackling extreme weather conditions? Please!

Clinton stated that the fund, aimed at providing support to self-employed women facing similar challenges resulting from extreme climate conditions across the world, will be initiated by SEWA.

Clinton said:

So today, I am proud to announce the Clinton Global Initiative, started by my husband (former US President Bill Clinton) who worked closely with SEWA and with our partners to launch a $50 million Global Climate Resilience Fund for women.

This fund will empower women and their communities to have access to resources that will make you more resilient to the effects of climate change like extreme heat.

It will also help provide new livelihood and educational opportunities and provide the kind of transition we see here.

You are using solar panels to improve the work in the salt pan and take solar panels home for electricity in villages and even to grid.

Clinton, joined by her team and collaborating organizations, made a visit to a salt pan in Kuda village in Dhrangadhra.

SEWA director Reema Nanavati stated:

[T]he team will initially tackle the challenge of heat, implementing strategies and methods to improve the working conditions and overall livelihoods of the community.

They plan to gradually address other climatic challenges as they gain knowledge and understanding of the challenges at hand.

Kathy Boffman McCloud, who serves as the Senior Vice President at The Atlantic and the Director of Arsht-Rockefeller Resilience Center, announced that they:

[W]ill provide insurance coverage to the women affiliated with SEWA.

McCloud informed the members that they will not have to pay any premiums for this insurance, which focuses on compensating SEWA members for the loss of income they may incur due to extreme weather conditions, such as extreme heat.

The implementation of solar pumps in salt pans has greatly benefitted the women and salt pan workers.

In 2013, 10 solar pumps were installed, and after a year of use, it was realized that each solar pump saved approximately 30,000 liters of diesel (previously used to operate the pump).

Since then, 25-30 million liters of diesel have been saved, along with 70 million tons of carbon dioxide from being released into the environment.

Final thought: The Big Hill understands corruption well—always running a get-rich scheme—decades of experience. Will she ever stop or be stopped? Whatever she is pocketing from this endeavor is not apparent, but hopefully the statics aren’t cooked and the people of SEWA are seeing a benefit.