Crouere: To Save America, Trump in 2024

The last 2+ years have taken a horrific toll on the American people. Under President Joe Biden, a once thriving economy is saddled with $31.5 trillion in federal debt, stubborn inflation, rising interest rates, and increasing consumer debt.

It is not surprising that the latest consumer confidence rating is only 64.90, which is down from 67.20 last year and 80.70 in the last month of the administration of President Donald Trump.


Under President Trump, consumer confidence was higher because Americans could afford groceries and gasoline for their vehicles. The inflation rate was much lower and interest rates were manageable, so the wages of Americans provided more purchasing power.

Trump passed historic tax cuts which unleashed the American economy. He was ushering America into a COVID-19 recovery by the end of his term. Unfortunately, all that progress was reversed by President Biden.

He not only imposed unconstitutional COVID mandates, but he also worked with Congress to pass several massive pieces of legislation costing trillions of dollars, which only increased the federal debt, and created skyrocketing inflation.

The Biden border policies have been disastrous as millions of illegal immigrants have flooded into our country. Under President Trump, the border was secure, the wall was being built and sane policies were in place to restrict immigration. All that progress was stopped by Biden at the beginning of his administration.

While President Trump was able to make America energy independent, Biden immediately declared war on the fossil fuel industry. He canceled the Keystone XL pipeline, issued a moratorium on new federal leases for oil and gas drilling. He resumed our participation in the Paris Climate Accords and appointed hypocrite John Kerry, as the country’s “Climate Czar,” to fly his private jet across the world and preach the “Green Gospel.”

The recently passed “Inflation Reduction Act,” cost $700 billion including $369 billion in “Energy Security and Climate Change programs.” The constant push toward “green energy,” woke policies and an unworkable progressive agenda is taking a toll on the American people.

It is very expensive to pursue such policies and these exorbitant costs are being dumped on the American people, who are having an extremely difficult time dealing with economic carnage being inflicted by Biden.

While our economy is in ruin, our national security has been seriously compromised by the Biden administration. Americans have a right to be concerned about their safety as a Chinese spy balloon was just allowed to traverse across the country, gathering military intelligence for our foremost enemy. It was finally shot down, but only after the balloon made an embarrassing cross-country trek.

Presumably, China will not pay a price for this espionage, as the brutal communist government is accustomed to such kid glove treatment. China was not punished for unleashing a deadly coronavirus on the world or for dumping an extremely dangerous drug, fentanyl, in our country.

The only President who confronted China was Donald Trump. He instituted significant tariffs on Chinese goods to both shrink the historic trade deficit with their country and rebuild our manufacturing base. There is no doubt that under President Trump, a Chinese spy balloon would have been eliminated immediately upon entry into our country.

If President Trump were in the White House today, the Russians would not have invaded Ukraine and North Korea would not be launching test missiles and provoking its neighbors.

President Trump believed in the old Ronald Reagan philosophy “Peace Through Strength.” He made tremendous strides in rebuilding our military to deter aggressive actions from our adversaries and foster peace.

The exact opposite is occurring under President Biden as the world edges closer to nuclear war. The military today is not meeting recruitment goals and our equipment levels are dangerously low. As we ship more weapons to Ukraine, our military is ill-prepared for the challenges that face our country.

No wonder more Americans are yearning for the days of President Donald Trump. In a new poll from the Washington Post and ABC News, Trump leads Biden 48-45%. This marks a significant turnaround from the most recent poll last September in which Biden led Trump by a 48-46% margin.

While the poll shows Trump doing very well, several Republicans are getting ready to enter the race for the presidential nomination. Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley is very close to announcing her candidacy. Other potential candidates include US Senator Tim Scott (R-SC), former Vice President Mike Pence, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan.

Among this group, the most formidable candidate is Florida Governor DeSantis. However, a recent Harvard-Harris poll showed Trump leading DeSantis by a very comfortable 48-28% margin.

Trump deserves the GOP nomination again because of his incredible accomplishments as President. There would be no “Make America Great Again” agenda without President Trump. Too many of his Republican opponents are neocon globalists who want to use the American military to interfere in conflicts all over the world.

In contrast, Americans want our country’s problems to be solved. A recent Gallup poll highlighted the top concerns for Americans: dissatisfaction with government, inflation, economy and immigration. Not mentioned among the top fourteen problems identified by Americans were climate change or the war in Ukraine, although both issues are top priorities for the Biden administration.

There is a massive disconnect between the wishes of Americans and the actions being taken by our political leaders. The one exception to this rule is President Donald Trump, who understands that Americans want safe streets, secure borders, a strong economy, and a focus on our country. There is no appetite for America to continue in the role of global policeman.

No other political leader has the track record, the credentials, the stamina, the courage, or the toughness of President Trump. He is the clear choice for both the GOP nomination and the presidency in the 2024 election.

Only Trump can do what is needed to Save America.

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