Don didn’t warn us about Kamala being past her prime

As far as I’m concerned, Don Lemon is just a part of CNN’s problems.  They have others named Tapper, Wallace, Blitzer et al.  The entire network needs a massive makeover if they want to be considered a serious news organization again.   

Nevertheless, let me confess that I’m angry with Don Lemon.  He didn’t tell me about the other woman past her prime, VP Kamala Harris.  Lemon would have done the country a great service if he had warned us about women over 40 when she was picked to run as Vice President.

It’s been a rough ride for VP Harris.  She was confronted by MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell on Friday.   It didn’t go well:   

Vice President Kamala Harris dismissed her unpopularity among Democrats as well as President Biden’s as “political chatter” during an interview with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell on Friday.  

“Dozens of Democratic leaders are saying that they not only don’t think that he’s the strongest candidate, you know, considering the larger field that could be possible given his age and other defects, but they don’t think that you’re the right person to be on the ticket. Why do you think that?” Mitchell asked. 

Harris said it was important to focus on the needs of the American people and not on “political chatter” coming from Washington, D.C.