HMM: Ron DeSantis Refuses to Ditch Harmful Soros-Funded ‘ERIC’ Voter Roll Manipulation Software in Florida

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis likes to posture as if his state is on the cutting edge within the Republican Party of setting policy to implement conservatism and beat back liberalism.

However, on the issue of election integrity, DeSantis’ record is questionable, particularly considering his administration’s embrace of the far-left Soros-funded Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC).

The American Policy Center (APC) has revealed that the DeSantis’ administration is laughing off concerns from election integrity activists about the ERIC system, which has been shown to inflate and misrepresent voter rolls in order to bolster Democrat political machines.

According to the APC report, Florida secretary of state Cord Byrd told election integrity activists during a private meeting that “Florida loves ERIC,” and their concerns could be discounted because they use ERIC “a little differently” than other states. Research by the Florida Republican Assembly and The People’s Audit, two prominent election integrity organizations in Florida, have shown that the administration of ERIC in Florida is no less harmful than its usage anywhere else.

They found over a half million bad or “undeliverable” addresses that were on the voter rolls due to ERIC’s malfeasance. Additionally, it was found that the bad addresses on the rolls caused the undeliverable mail to pile up in unsecured storage facilities, opening up additional avenues for voter fraud and wasting taxpayer money.

Red states, most recently Louisiana and Alabama, have dumped ERIC or are in the process of doing so. Florida under DeSantis, on the other hand, is doubling down on the shady system. Could this be due to Hubris, incompetence or is there a more nefarious motive behind the seemingly incomprehensible behavior of the DeSantis administration?

Iconic political operative and journalist Roger Stone reported on how DeSantis hired a far-left demagogue to lead Florida’s State Department of Motor Vehicles, giving this hostile interloper access to sensitive voter data.

“The Governor made a misstep when he appointed Palm Beach Commissioner David Kerner to head Florida’s State Department of Motor Vehicles and to oversee both the Highway Patrol and Motor Vehicle Division’s records, giving Kerner a back-door to Florida’s voter rolls. Kerner, a liberal Democrat, surprised everyone by endorsing the Republican Governor when it appeared that DeSantis was headed for the landslide that would ultimately manifest itself,” Stone wrote.

“DeSantis and Kerner both aggressively pushed the Senior Citizen community in Palm Beach County jointly boasting of a 40% vaccination rate among seniors. Kerner, a cold and brutal vaccination advocate and enforcer, used a Palm Beach County COVID-19 Vaccination Compliance Task Force as a jackbooted, uniformed gestapo-like strike-force terrorizing businesses and harassing individual citizens while levying heavy fines on any business owner who declined to require masks or individual citizens who refused to wear them,” he added.

It appears DeSantis is attempting to build a coalition to upend America First and take the Republican Party back to the days of Bush-ism. He may be the most subversive and dangerous RINO out there right now.