It’s Time For Trump to do the Right Thing

I need to stipulate that I am a supporter of President Donald Trump. I guess that makes me one of Biden’s enemies. I am a proud MAGA Republican. If historians are honest, they will give him his just due and describe how effective Trump was as a one-term President. Despite unprecedented investigations by the Democrats, multiple impeachment hearings, a Pandemic, and a hostile media that did the bidding of the Democrats, he had a successful Presidency on many levels. Economic gains and the rebirth of respect on the Global Stage are but two of the highlights. He kept our adversaries at bay while being one of the first Presidents since WWII that did not engage America in new hostilities. He exposed the swamp that is Washington, D.C., and this is why he is public enemy number one for the likes of Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, and the rest of the political establishments. He was the outsider that politicians feared, and he needed to be destroyed. Two years out of office and Trump’s MAGA followers are the greatest fear of Joe Biden.

With all of the good accomplished by Donald trump, I say today, as I have in the past, that I wish he would reconsider his quest to return to the White House. His campaign will further divide the country, and the negativity and investigations will engulf the country. This is not a generational statement, but it is time for Donald, Joe, Hillary, Pelosi, and Schumer to step aside and let a new generation step into the batter’s box and take a swing at directing the future of America.

The disparity in the depth of talent between the two parties could not be more obvious. The Left has Hakeem Jeffries at the top, and then there is a massive drop to the second tier. When you point to Kamala Harris and Alexandria Cortez as legitimate candidates for the Democrat nominee, you are not playing in the major leagues. And this is if you can convince Biden not to run for reelection. He is hell-bent on running, and only the document scandal or the Hunter Biden story exploding may persuade him otherwise. There is no way the American public will elect a man hiding at his beachfront property again. Fool me once, but never again.

The Republican bench is deep, and many have made it clear they want to sit in the Oval Office. Some have announced, like Trump and Nikki Haley, while others are hitting the talk show circuit testing the water. DeSantis is the early favorite but has not declared. Mike Pompeo, Mike Pence, Glenn Abbott, Glenn Youngkin, and Chris Sununu are hinting strongly. All are strong Conservatives, though Sununu may be more of a Centrist.

Trump made two appearances this weekend in New Hampshire and South Carolina. Reports are he may be lacking his old passion, but he made one statement that rubbed me wrong. He proclaimed that DeSantis would never be Governor without Trump’s support. He believes that De Santis, Haley, Pence, and Pompeo disrespect him by considering a run. He is out of line. Trump has no claim to the Presidency, and these others are worthy candidates. This is precisely the division the Party and country do not need. I do not see Trump playing fairly with the field, so I think it best for Trump to abandon his thoughts of running. This move would be in the best interest of Trump, Republicans, and America.