There’s more evidence that Hunter might have been selling state secrets

Late last night, Miranda Devine wrote an essay that’s ostensibly about a poll showing that Americans think that Biden was wrong to brush off the news about his squirreling classified documents as “nothing.” In fact, most Americans, including Democrats, think what happened is “something.” But buried in Devine’s article was well-grounded speculation more interesting than poll results: She believes there’s inferential evidence that Hunter Biden was openly selling national security information to foreign governments and corporations.

Devine opens her article, “Majority of voters, including Democrats, believe Biden’s mishandling of classified documents is a scandal,” by discussing a Rasmussen poll asking voters whether they believe that the way in which Biden handled classified documents is a “scandal.” As you may recall, Biden’s only take on the increasing number of classified document finds was that “there’s no there there” and that “there’s nothing there.”