“They’ve Informed Me Not to Speak to This Issue” – Joe Biden When Asked About His Classified Documents Scandal (VIDEO)

Joe Biden on Wednesday sat down for an exclusive one-on-one interview with PBS special correspondent Judy Woodruff.

This is Joe Biden’s first interview in MONTHS.

After demonizing Trump supporters and threatening conservatives, Biden said politics have just gotten too mean.

“Most Americans are of the view that [politics have] just gotten too mean; it’s gotten too personal, gotten too divisive,” Biden said.

Joe Biden was asked about his classified documents scandal.

Biden’s lawyers ‘found’ stolen classified documents at the Penn Biden Center and at Biden’s Wilmington residence.

“And to the best of my knowledge, the kinds of things they picked up were things that were from 1974 and stray papers,” Biden said of the searches.


Woodruff asked Joe Biden about his past comments hammering Trump for lawfully storing presidential records at Mar-a-Lago.

“You said just possessing classified documents is ‘totally irresponsible’? So, what was totally irresponsible about the fact that you had some?” Woodruff asked Biden.

“They’ve informed me not to speak to this issue,” Biden said.

So much for transparency!

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