Concerned over mounting threats of a nuclear war with Russia, Donald Trump says that one of his first priorities, if reelected, would be to build an “impenetrable dome” over the US. 

He made the statement last week as he warned of a “catastrophic” Third World War.

“If you take a look right now, the ‘nuclear’ word is being mentioned all the time. This is a word you’re not allowed to use. It was never used during the Trump administration,” Trump said in a video released last week.

The former President claimed that nuclear threats are being made by other countries “because they have no respect for our leadership,” appearing to reference Russian President Vladimir Putin and his allies making threats about using nuclear weapons.

“World War III would be a catastrophe unlike any other. This would make World War I and World War II like very small battles,” Trump said.

To address this potential threat, Trump said he would “build a state-of-the-art next-generation missile defense shield, just as Israel is now protected by the Iron Dome.”

Israel’s Iron Dome was designed to intercept incoming missiles and is one of the most advanced defense systems in the world.

“America must have an impenetrable dome to protect our people,” Trump said.

Thus far, the bombastic Trump is the only Republican to announce their plans to run for President in 2024.

Trump also said he and “he alone” has a plan that would end the war in Ukraine, once again reiterating that Putin would never have even dared to invade its sovereign neighbor had Trump still been in the White House.

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