A New Epstein Lawsuit Is About To Blow The Doors Off Of….

The Epstein case has taken yet another dark turn, with the unsealing of documents that show Jes Staley, former CEO of Barclay and JPMorgan executive, communicated with the convicted pedophile via email approximately 1,000 times between 2008 and 2012. The newly released information, which was previously redacted, reveals a bizarre exchange between Staley and Epstein, wherein they made references to Disney characters.

The U.S. Virgin Islands government has brought a lawsuit against JPMorgan, alleging that the bank benefitted from Epstein’s sex trafficking activities and that it failed to report suspicious activity to the authorities. The lawsuit further alleges that Epstein withdrew over $775,000 in cash from JPMorgan accounts and that he paid for sexual encounters in cash.

The Virgin Islands Governor, Bryan, fired former Attorney General Denise George after she filed the lawsuit against JPMorgan. The bank’s attorneys have responded, alleging that the territory did nothing to stop Epstein’s operation and is suing the bank to deflect blame.

The situation is heating up, with over 20 employees of JPMorgan being scrutinized in two lawsuits, some of whom are set to testify under oath. Lawyers for JPMorgan are attempting to prevent chief executive Jamie Dimon from being deposed in lawsuits brought by an alleged Epstein victim and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The lawsuits against JPMorgan and Deutsche Bank were filed by two women who accused Epstein of sexual abuse and claimed that the financial institutions benefited from the late pedophile’s sex trafficking. The civil action stated that JPMorgan provided special treatment to Epstein’s sex trafficking venture, ensuring its continued operation and sexual abuse and sex-trafficking of young women and girls.

The Epstein case has been a sordid and disturbing saga that has rocked the world. Epstein was found dead in his New York City jail cell in 2019, and a medical examiner ruled that he died by suicide. Former President Bill Clinton was discovered to have had many more interactions with Epstein than previously known, with Epstein having visited the White House at least 17 times during Clinton’s first term in office. It is time for the real enablers to be held responsible, particularly Epstein’s wealthy friends and the financial institutions that played a role in his crimes.

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