A New Police Report Reveals Jan 6 Was A Total Setup!

It’s no secret that power can corrupt, and throughout history, politicians have clung to power, sometimes resorting to deceitful and dishonest means.

Today, a faction of elected officials, known as “the left” or Democrats, seem to be taking this power play to a new level. While historically Democrats and Republicans have been content to debate policy differences, recent developments suggest that some on the left are pushing for a complete dismantling of America’s two-party system, in favor of a single-party authoritarian regime akin to Communist China.

Most Americans do not want socialism or communism, but this hasn’t deterred the radical left. They’ve resorted to manipulation and deceit, characteristics now glaringly obvious in the political divide. Enter President Donald Trump, who posed a significant threat to these Washington insiders by exposing corruption and jeopardizing their aspirations to transform America’s government. With a second term for Trump appearing likely, the left knew they had to act.

Some speculate that the left hatched a plan to cheat in the 2020 election, and when patriotic Americans caught them red-handed, they needed a diversion. They found one in the January 6th protest.

According to a bombshell report obtained by attorney Joe McBride, corrupt members of the House, led by Nancy Pelosi, knew well in advance about the planned demonstration and used federal agents to incite chaos. They turned a peaceful protest into a riot, effectively distracting attention from the election and pinning the blame on President Trump.

The left had achieved their goals: they’d diverted attention from the election and painted anyone questioning voting irregularities as a conspiracy theorist. They even accused President Trump of attempting a coup to retain power. However, the real coup was set in motion by the left, who used January 6th as a battle in their quest for control.

The left’s pursuit of power is something Americans must stand against. The nation does not want to become a socialist model like Communist China; we want to remain free.

The battle is not over, and the left won’t give up easily. However, we have one weapon to prevent further chaos: the vote. It’s the only tool citizens have to preserve their freedom, and it must be used to combat the corruption threatening the very fabric of our democracy.

Source: https://theinformedamerican.net/a-new-police-report-reveals-jan-6-was-a-total-setup/